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Sloan India Pvt. Ltd. Sloan India Private Limited

Sloan the most popular brand of plumbing system is now available in India. IDprop is the only website that showcases Sloan products in India. Sloan is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems and has been in operation since 1906. Headquartered in Franklin Park, Illinois, USA, the company is at the forefront of the green building movement and provides smart sustainable restroom solutions by manufacturing water-efficient products such as flushometers, electronic faucets, sink systems, soap dispensing systems, and vitreous china fixtures for commercial, industrial and institutional markets worldwide. Sloan continues to build a global brand synonymous with sustainability, energy conservation and water efficient products, with green innovations that include solar powered technologies and all-in-one sink systems. Sloan has also made itself relevant in upscale commercial restroom design, with more stylish and contemporary product options that are as beautiful as they are sustainable.

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