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Prashant Kulshreshtha

Ogling Inches Design Pvt ltd , Pune

Onfire Restaurant ,Pune

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The first thing to do is to reach the empty approaching staircase which is adorned with famous travelers and photos of travel bloggers against a yellow wall. Filament bulbs is used to highlight the place with amber colour in contrast to sapphire blue walls whereas wooden strips climb along the wall to ceiling making the place a bit dynamic.

About project

The constant development of hospitality in the world largest design and presentation has been generating a lot of interest to young generation. This generation is outgoing, energetic and explorer. Giving the emerging tradition to rediscover the world and surroundings, The concept of Travellers restaurant was devised. Being on terrace, away from hustle and burden of everyday life, engulfed in surrounding view and cool breeze, the place was planned to take and inspire to go to the road less traveled. The initial stage of project consist of a series of ideas, ranging from ordering the ‘empty’ terrace, zoning the usable areas and answering the most detailed parts of planning and design .In making the most of the design, contribution by our clients is appreciable. Right from time to time approvals over the planning and details to the funding everything were smoothest of all.The entrance lobby is nestled behind a yellow dynamically designed coffee table book shelf. The books are about the most exciting places to visit. This shelf also work as show rack where few curios are put to mention the eagerness of travelling. Presenting a warm and inviting element, the cabanas are next element which is featured. The cabanas are specially planned with a step up, in the end of the restaurant for the visitor’s vision while entering the space. These four cabanas are divided into pair of two, where each pair is comprised of cane seating and another of metal seating. It was never the intention of owner to fill the place with the seating hence the beauty of the overall carpet area has come out well. Washrooms are tucked away in the corner of the plan besides which 1200 sq. ft. Of kitchen is placed. The elegance of the plan can be measured with the non visibility of the huge service areas to the customers. While enjoying the meals they don’t see a hint of kitchen and washrooms while signage helps them to explore these places well. Overall, The restaurant has come out to be the most featured commercial design around, inspired by various cultures, architecture and material use. We hope this project changes the upcoming trend of restaurant designs in India.

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