Seller Blacklisting Policy

Seller Blacklisting Policy

18th June, 2016.


To maintain the standards at we ensure that sellers as our business partners, perform well and do not indulge in practices that are either non-compliant with the law of the land or are against the generally accepted business ethics. The Blacklisting Policy has been designed to ensure consistent quality and retain the standards at

In addition, the policy is also applicable in cases related to behavioral issues (personal or company level) or violation of specific policies listed out by

Following are the reasons which would lead to blacklisting of a seller:

Selling Fake Products:

Sellers must ensure that the listed items are genuine. If the seller attempts to sell fake products on the website claiming them to be genuine, he/she/it will be blacklisted. is against the sale of replicas, copyright infringement, imitations of the original product or unauthorized materials. An attempt to sell any of these will lead to blacklisting.

Poor Performance:

As per the Seller Performance Policy, if a seller persistently fails to perform, he/she/it will be blacklisted.

Fake claims:

If a seller is found making intentional deceit in order to earn a claim under the Seller Protection Fund, he/she/it will be blacklisted.

Breach of Contract

In situations where the seller has entered a separate contractual agreement with under which they are obligated to perform in a certain manner or pay against the deliverables provided by, however if the seller is found in breach of the said contract, she/he/it would be delisted with immediate effect and notified of the same. Under this situation, the entire portfolio of the seller is subject to being delisted and not just the products for which the contract was entered into.

Prohibited products:

As a registered seller, you may list item(s) for sale on the website in accordance with the policies which are incorporated by way of reference in the ToU. You must be legally able to sell the item(s) you list for sale on our Website. Failing which, you will be blacklisted

Mature Audience Listing:

Under Indian law it may be a criminal offense for you to buy or sell certain types of films, publications, MMS or computer games which may be adult in nature or otherwise not appropriate for minors (individuals under 18 years of age) or prohibited under the law and the same should not be listed on IDprop.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:
•        listing cancellation;
•        limits placed on account privileges;
•        loss of special status; and
•        account suspension.


Sellers who have a high number of disputes raised against them by buyers will be blacklisted.

Negative Feedback:

If a seller consistently receives negative feedback from buyers and also displays poor performance as per the Seller Performance Policy, he/she will be blacklisted.

MRP Breach:

A seller who breaches the MRP Policy by quoting a higher price than that mentioned on the product's MRP declaration label will be blacklisted.

Threat & abuse: expects its sellers, as our business partners, to be courteous, professional and respectful while interacting with us via email or any other form of communication. Failing to do so, a seller will be given two initial warnings and will then be blacklisted. Following will be considered as threat & abuse:

a) Threat of bodily harm via email/phone or chat

b) Misuse of IDprop's system

c) Spoof (fake) email

d) Spam

e) Offers to buy or sell outside the website

f) Threats of physical harm via email, phone calls or public message boards will be dealt with seriously.

Failure to take correct measures will lead to blacklisting of the seller

Fake Reviews/Ratings: 

If a seller is found or reported to be posting fake reviews or ratings on the website for their products or someone else's, either to increase or diminish sales, he/she/it will have to face the below mentioned consequences: 

- On the first instance when a seller is found posting fake reviews or ratings, his/her seller account will be made pending for a period of one week. During this period, the seller has to take corrective action and remove all fake reviews posted by him/her on the website. Non-compliance would lead to blacklisting. 

- On the second instance, the seller will be blacklisted from selling on marketplace. In addition if a seller is found to be posting innumerable fake reviews or ratings, he/she stands a chance of getting blacklisted in the first instance.  

Missing Products/Irrelevant Material:

If a seller is found shipping empty boxes or boxes filled with irrelevant material (example: Stones, pebbles, garbage etc) instead of the actual product to the buyer, he/she will be blacklisted. 

Terms & Conditions:

- has the sole discretion to blacklist a seller as per their policies.

- alone can resurrect a blacklisted seller on the basis of certain conditions.

- A seller can re-apply to become live again only after a period of 6 months of blacklisting. will consider the request and make a decision.

- An action plan must be submitted to if the seller wishes to re-apply after getting blacklisted.

- is not liable for any loss incurred by the seller on being blacklisted.

- Once the seller is blacklisted by he/she cannot list products under a different account. In case, a seller attempts to list his/her products through unethical means, is authorised to take legal action against them.

- As per the Terms of Use, sellers are expected to abide by the policies put in place by