Pending Invoice Policy

Pending Invoice Policy

18th June, 2016.


Generating invoices is an essential part of order management. Failing to attach invoices with products ordered will upset the process. Therefore, sellers who have more than 5 pending invoices will be made pending. 


It is mandatory for a seller to print three copies of an invoice:

- The first one for the buyer

- The second one for the logistics partner

- The third one for him/herself


Following are the reasons as the why attaching invoices with the orders is essential: 

- An invoice is necessary for warranty requirements/statutory requirements. 

- Filling in the mandatory details like Serial number and other details is required for further reference. 

- A buyer can save the invoice for future reference or requirements.

- To avoid seizing of shipment during transit.

A warning will be given when the seller has upto 3 pending invoices and made pending for a week when the count reaches 5. 


A seller will be made active after the submission of an action plan which should comprise of the following details: 

- Seller has to send us a proof that the invoices have been dispatched to the buyers. 

- An efficient process flow which will ensure us that the invoices will be attached on the products dispatched by the seller from now on. 

Please note that sellers will be closely monitored and defaulters will have to face consequences on failing to provide invoices.