Listing Policy

Listing Policy

18th June, 2016.


To help seller’s list items on the Website correctly, we've highlighted some listing policies and described how IDprop handles listing violations when they are reported.


Proper Category Listing:

Items must be listed in the appropriate category. Items that don't belong to a category will be moved to the appropriate category.



Multiple-quantity listings may offer a choice of color in otherwise identical items. However, a seller must be able to fulfill the entire quantity of every listing in any offered color even if another seller chooses exactly the same color selection. Choice listings may not be offered ‘subject to availability’ or the buyer may be requested to contact the seller to see the available colors and quantity. This exception for choice of color does not apply to single-quantity listings.


Duplicate Listings:

A duplicate listing occurs when a seller lists multiple identical items in multiple listings. The duplicate-listings policy is designed to ensure sellers don't list in a way that clutters the buying experience and hurts the overall marketplace. Sellers can't have more than one listing of an identical item at the same time.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

-- listing cancellation;

-- limits on account privileges;

-- account suspension; and

-- loss of special status.


These restrictions on duplicate listings include listing an identical item in different categories or listing an identical item using different display names. Listings are considered duplicates if they are for items that have no significant differences between them. To avoid your listings from being treated as duplicates, make sure you clearly show the differences between items in the titles, descriptions, prices, photos, product IDs, item specifics, or parts compatibility areas of a listing. IDprop may also look at other parts of the listing to determine whether it's a duplicate. If the differences between the items you're selling aren't obvious in the search results, your listings may be treated as duplicates and will be subject to the consequences outlined above.


Maximum Permissible Logistic Charges:

A seller can’t charge buyers for logistics in excess of the fees prescribed under the following table:


Max shipping fee in Rs.





Home Décor






Home Appliance Large


Home Appliance Small