Links Policy

Links Policy

18th June, 2016.


The Website’s listing page can only be used to describe, promote, and facilitate the sale of the listed IDprop item -- it cannot refer to or promote a seller's individual website, off-IDprop sales, or other businesses. The Website’s seller page is a place where a seller can promote an individual website or business.

Item Page can contain no URLs, links to, or promotional information about any off-IDprop webpage, including the websites of a seller or any third party. Links from the Website’s item page that interfere in any way with the shopping experience on the Website or solicit any IDprop user information, are not allowed. Links from the Website’s item page to pages that promote off-IDprop sales in any way are forbidden.

Seller Page: This page may be used to describe a seller's business and may not contain URLs or links to the seller's individual website. It may not specifically promote off-IDprop sales or sales of items prohibited on IDprop nor may it contain links to commercial websites where products from multiple sellers are aggregated by a common search engine.

Giveaways, Raffles, and Prizes: Listings that promote giveaways, random drawings or prizes as an enticement for buyers are not permitted on the Website as these promotions are highly regulated and may be unlawful. These types of listings are not permitted and will be ended. IDprop itself may run such promotions on the Website and grant authorization to its partners or third-party companies to run promotions that comply with applicable laws.

Listing Techniques that Circumvent IDprop's Fee Structure

Sellers may not use systems or techniques to circumvent IDprop’s fees. Some examples include:

-- Offering in a listing the opportunity to purchase the item or other merchandise outside the Website;

-- Listings with low prices but unreasonably high shipping or handling costs;

-- Listing an item that requires or offers an additional purchase;

-- Dutch Avoidance -- listing a single item and offering additional identical items for sale in the item description. In these situations, a seller typically instructs buyers to indicate the number of items they want and states that they can get the same price as the item in the listing;

-- Listings with an email address or domain name in the title;

-- Catalogue Sales -- listing of catalogues from which buyers may directly order items is prohibited. In these situations, a seller will typically offer the catalogue for low-bid prices and complete sales outside the Website for items found in the catalogue;

-- Offering items for sale in a manner that circumvents IDprop’s fees;

-- Listings that circumvent IDprop’s fees are not permitted and will be ended.

Disciplinary action may result in indefinite/temporary suspension of a seller’s account or a formal warning. IDprop will consider the circumstances of an alleged offence and the seller's trading records before taking action.

Repeat Offences

If a seller repeatedly lists items that violate the policies described above, the seller is subject to suspension from the Website.