Shailesh Dodia

8studio , Ahmedabad


About project

We are writing to expand our architect visualization business at international level.Eight studio is established in 2010 with a mission to offer high end best quality architectural design,3 D rendering with civil engineering details.We specialized in providing 3 D architectural design and animation also with Exterior and Interior Walk through. We have team of professional designer and engineers to carry forward your projects in precise manner and complete it within you timeline. We have expanded our horizons in terms of the latest skills,trends and knowledge there by offering something unique to our host of clients every time. Eight studio is offering all its expertise service of 3 d architect visualization and walk through at very worth rates

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8STUDIO _186-ROAD SIDE VIEW-SITE-1280x896_FFF_661.jpg
top view _ffff_661.jpg
night view copy_661.jpg
full bird view_ffff_661.jpg
cem4_close view_5000_661.jpg
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cem_1 gate evening_661.jpg
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cam_01 (2)_661.jpg
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cam_01 (1)_661.jpg
bird view_fff copy_661.jpg
8studio-181-ROAD SIDE VIEW-SITE-_661.jpg
walkthrough animation video

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