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Krushnakant Gajjar

Architects, Interior Designers K K Gajjar, Ahmedabad
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Krushnakant Gajjar

Architects, Interior Designers
K K Gajjar, Ahmedabad

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it”. Krushnakant Gajjar ; who started this firm in 1988 after completing courses like Furniture Design and Technical Representation of Drawings from CEPT in 1986-87 which is based in Ahmedabad. He has been practising in hardcore interior designing from last 27 years. All these years,his design has mastered from oriental designing to now at present learning of contemporary and fusion designing.He has undertaken several projects like residences and few offices,which has been a testimony to any sophisticated approach.He comprehends wood;its durability and makes furniture out of it. Also to scale comfort and tries to give the space it’s desired beauty. He always makes a point about his client’s needs,tastes,suggestions;so that they can also be incorporated in the proposed planning. His work is a metaphor of good finishings . The entire work of any project is done on the respective site. He tries to blend subtleness with elegant look;assuring that you will never feel burden of heavy furniture or gaudy colours even after years. Finally last thing to add that his designing emphasis the point of maintaining good environment as well as charming ambience . Firm ; Approach to creative problems solving begins with the observation and understanding of the unique values of each client. The central and prime concern practice is design excellence,achieved through active collaboration with clients and from fine artists to cost consultants and individual agencies. Cost management is of great importance to the firm.

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Minal Sen:

Awesome work sir!