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Ar Surinder Virgotra

Architects, Interior Designers, General Contractors, Landscape Archite... Virgotra Group,
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Ar Surinder Virgotra

Architects, Interior Designers, General Contractors, Landscape Architects
Virgotra Group, Delhi

Today company figures prominently among the leaders in the industry, as it has continuously adapted to the challenges of tomorrow by making use of manpower, resources and technological developments in the field. Company has its own philosophy of working and always has attitude to contribute their best efforts to the society. We have decided our own parameters and guidelines to Architecture n longer applies. Architectural services have gone beyond design, documentation and construction. Virgotra Groups/Right Angle was incorporated in 1989 to provide comprehensive architectural services, from strategic planning and design to post-construction facility maintenance. We are continuously redefining Architecture and the way in which we deliver service. One thing that are never changes is our commitment to our clients: To provide creative solutions that are functional, timely and cost effective. We keep this commitment by developing an interactive and personal relationship with every client on every project. This relationship is based on a very simple philosophy: we listen to you to gain an understanding of where you are and where you want to go with respect to our needs ad the project goal. It is important to us that you have an active role in developing the design solution, since you will be living with the day to day results. The creation of Architectural/Construction/Interior is an exciting experience for us, and we want it to be an exciting experience for you. Our role in this relationship is to provide you with the leadership you need to develop creative and effective solutions. We provide this leadership by assembling and managing the project team, developing detailed schedules and implementing absolute cost control. Time and money impact solutions, as your team leader, we provide you with the criteria you will need to make timely, cost effective choices. As your project becomes a reality during the construction phase, we represent you interests and facilitate a process that assures the facility meets your design expectations. Please contact us on : 9910001850

  • Education : Bachelor Of Architecture
  • Past Project in city : Bengaluru,
  • Min Budget : 500000.00

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Very good

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