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Milind Pai

Milind Pai Architects,Interior Designer , Mumbai

ROWHOUSE AT JODHPUR - living and dining area

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The living room has a mirror artwork which is the striking element of the whole design and adds to the spaciousness. The TV unit designed in SS with back light, the statuario flooring and the Swarovski inlay on centre and dining table stands out stunning and redefines luxury. While more classical elements evoke feeling of warmth and solidity appropriate to family residence strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary interiors.

About project

This high end project for a client located in outskirts of Jodhpur is a balance of refined and classy interiors that reflects the client’s lifestyle. Added with sophisticated richness in color, texture, innovative design and luxury this project was way beyond aesthetic. The client was extremely design conscious and wanted an unusual home. Architect Milind Pai team was briefed to design the 2763 sq.ft Interior space, keeping the client’s functional requirement, status and budget all in mind. The Milind Pai team has conceptualize a design keeping in mind the people who occupy it with a mission to enhance the way the people live through great designs with a modern feel and a classy ambiance to deliver sensational masterpiece. The Client concludes “Every human being has a dream to own not only a house but a wholly designed home where a family can live happily and healthily and that can aesthetically and functionally enhances the environment. Milind Pai Architect & Interior Designer has facilitated this into a reality with creative and nifty designing and valuable inputs.

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