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Milind Pai

Milind Pai Architects,Interior Designer , Mumbai

Flat at Lokhandwala

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The sons’ bedrooms each have a unique character to them, with customized patterns on the furniture in the form of vinyl prints and painted artwork. The study space into the bedroom is made to look distinct with a catchy bold grey paint tone, and pure white flowing study top. The Acrylic panel on the ceiling with laser cuts cuts throwing light onto the space adds to the chicness and class of the personal space.

About project

This is a 4 ½ BHK flat for a family of 5 with a minimalist, classy and functional vision for their home. The project revolves around a base theme of ‘White’, with splashes of colors unique to each room as per the individual the taste of the person occupying it. The project has a lot of interesting elements that are eye catching and unique to the space. The entrance passage gives a feeling of awe with an eye catching false ceiling feature that has backlit laser cut panel at the center. The tempered glass separation between the passage and kitchen is skillfully frosted with a geometrical pattern that gives it a unique touch. A sleek shoe console sits on one corner, having multi-faceted draw faces in dark veneer, giving it an appealing look. Sufficient lighting, mild toned materials with minimal accents and extensively thought out space plans have given a very functional and aesthetic space, and meets the dream home vision of its proud owners.


Jay Panchal

  • Relationship: Client
  • Project Date: 25/04/2016


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