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Favas Mohammad

NU.DE Architects ,

Ryewood International School

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Open sitting area in circular form with steps in school outer area.

About project

The project explores terrain typologies sited within the confines of the site’s geo-topological context. Spread over 5 acres located on the picturesque hill station of Lonavala 622 m above sea level (96 kms from Mumbai City), the project engages with its scenic setting, framing views and releasing spaces into a series of play / read / study / engage activities. The Program harbours day time school activities as well as cultural activities for the local community. Within this context an attempt to reconstitute the functions of volume, enclosure and interfacing by means of ribd, voids, decks and varying light-conditions have been made. The vertical fin elements also act as solar shading devices particularly along the southern facade. The sense of adventure, dynamism and the inherent spirit of exploration and discovery amongst children is harboured within the ‘playful’ and ‘dynamic’ striated skin of the building.

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