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Chetan Shivaprasad

Kham Design , Bengaluru

Residential projects by Kham Designs

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Designing buildings for the intellectually inclined is always a challenge in its own right, especially when the house owner happens to be a prominent personality from in Kannada literature. A simple & functional house yet one full of drama & character was conceived. The three subtly curved walls hold the various rooms of the house within and a courtyard adds to the micro climate of the house, bringing in ample diffused light into the interior spaces. The building materials were chosen to exude a feeling of warmth within while making sure that the intense surrounding heat is kept at bay.

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Space is a simple word, but has many meanings and multiple dimensions. The venture was found on a basis to understand and explore the nuances of architectural theory and design. This exploration of multiplicity leads Kham Design to projects in the field of Architecture, Interiors and Product Design.

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