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Amit Mehta

Inspace Architects ,

S Manjit Singh Residence at Urban Estate Jalandhar

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The master bedroom scheme includes a beautiful patterned wallpaper in colors of beige, cream and browns, that sets the mood for the entire room. The bed in a neutral fabric, mixed with a darker wooden frame will be complemented with wooden bedside tables.

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During the first client inspiration meeting we talk about his preferences and style, and what are the expectations towards the design and your new home. We want to know how they spend time and what is missing in the current arrangement for you to feel comfortable. Sometimes it’s just the choice of the fabrics, sometimes it is the layout that makes the rooms feel small and dark. No matter if this is a new built house or a flat waiting for a renovation there is always a place for improvement! Just this thought led us to do addition/alteration of the residence with minimum demolition of existing structure to create a wonderful architectural and interior design project out of it.

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