The Routine

The Routine

What projects have you executed in the recent past ? Can you show me the sites please ??” These are very usual words we hear from our perspective clients, especially when we have NOT met each other.There was this client, who, after making 8-10 calls and having escalated the matter to his seniors (who happen to sit in Mumbai Office), they planned in person meeting with their seniors. On the meeting, when we shaked hands, they were little bit surprised & confused as they visualized a young person in 25-30 age bracket with no OR little experience in the field of Architecture & Interior Designing. After that meeting, they were quire relaxed as the project, which was half finalized basis our Techno-Commercial Proposal, was in the right and mature hands.

Finally, after two day meeting, we finally got the project and token advance was transferred in our account.When the Project Kicked Off, we faced lot many challenges w.r.t. liaison with Office Owner and local authorities for permissions. In Punjab, normally, Govt authorities create hurdles just to earn their pocket money but we were fortunate enough to get those sorted out.During Work In Progress (WIP), there were 3/4 changes in the drawings and designs, out of which 1 was major change which impacted the Budget Figures, which was approved after submission.Also, education is never ending process.

It goes ON & ON & ON and it became evident while we were progressing through the stages owing to many news lessons learnt by us and our team as well as their team members.After 115 days, we were able to complete the site as per their Project Order and handed over the site with a Warm Invitation to Office Warming Party at New Site, Industrial Area, Phase 9, Mohali.

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