Simple ‘Design Tricks’ To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home

Simple ‘Design Tricks’ To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home

Before you shift to your new home, you can make use of some simple, yet effective home interior design ideas that can transform your home. Many of these tricks are easy to implement with minimal cost involved in the process. You might always have ideas like adding a mirror or a wall painting or a plant in your room, either to make you feel more comfortable or to improve the aesthetics of the room.

According to you, those ideas may look less effective; but you can see its impact only when you implement them.

Let’s have a look at some of the simple home interior design tricks which you can apply either for the living room/bedroom/kid’s room.


Create an illusion to make the room look larger

You would always want the living room of your home to look larger in size. In many cases, even a large living room might appear small due to the usage of dark shades of wall colors. Always use soothing & light colors for the living room since it makes the room larger in size, whereas darker colors make the room smaller. Another advantage of using light colors is that it enhances the brightness of the room.

Along with the right set of colors, you can also make use of mirrors at appropriate places in the living room as it has two-fold usage:1. Improve the brightness in the room and 2. Create an optical illusion that makes the room appear bigger.

Use handy decorative items

Before you go out shopping for some expensive decorative items, make sure that you look for items that are available with you. You can apply a creative mindset to simplest things and convert them to decorative art e.g. an old mason jar can be used as a flower vase, a worn-off stool can be used as a side-table,and old Chinaware can be used as wall accents.

Add a Splash of Color

You can make your home look more vibrant by adding a splash of bright colors. A simple way to enhance the home interior design of living room is by embellishing your plain sofas with colorful pillows or having bright curtains for the windows or adding a couple of brightly colored wall-shelves.

Creative angle can be applied to the study room by adding different geometric designs to one of the walls, painting the interior of the bookshelf in a color that can make it look artsy, and adding a couple of throw pillows to the floor. A simple design trick like usage of bright colors can greatly improve the looks of any room.

Go the ‘Nature’s Way’

In order to create a fresh look to your home, bring in a part of nature. You can add decorative indoor plants besides the TV Unit or any empty corner of your home. You can make the center table more attractive by placing pretty shells & pebbles in a decorative bowl. Make bare walls more appealing by adding framed ‘beautiful dried leaves’. A Feng Shui two-layered bamboo or a good luck jade can be used as a centerpiece for the dining table.

Before you beautify your home with these simple design tricks, you should have the most suited interior design. Designing your home is now easy with IDprop.

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