Remedy for cluttered space..!

Remedy for cluttered space..!

There is nothing more depressing than a tiny kitchen in a small apartment. But with small apartments becoming the norm of the day rather than the exception, there is no getting away from these kitchenettes. Human ingenuity, however, has found a way of getting around this complex and knotty problem. Kitchens in contemporary homes are now being seamlessly connected to the living rooms, creating not just a more spacious environment but also a more pleasant one. These areas in modern homes are slowly but surely getting transformed into little havens, with their cozy and comfortable ambiance.

There are several ways of achieving such a pleasurable living room and kitchen combination in your home. Simple and affordable, these ideas take little more than ingenuous thinking to make an impact.

Woodblocks that double up as food shelves is one innovative measure to connect the kitchen with the living room. Functional and modern, these shelves can be put up along the entire length of the kitchen as well as the living room, with decorative items or books lining up the living room section and food items etc. in the kitchen part of it.

The unifying effect of these shelves is quite appealing in its sheer simplicity. Functional and aesthetic at the same time, they lend elegance and sophistication to both the units and the resultant decor has a contemporary charm to it.

You can, in fact, go all the way and extend this multi-functional concept to other things too. So your cabinet can be used as a worktop, while the base wall units can be adapted to different kinds of functions – some suited for the kitchen and others for the living room. A breakfast table can function as a TV corner with total ease through such a multi-faceted approach.

The best part of this design concept is that it ensures that neither the kitchen nor the living room looks cluttered. The clean and minimalist look resulting from such dual functional systems is also healthy for you and your family. With no filth around, you can finally breathe in peace.

The modular kitchen concepts widely used in modern homes are ideally suited to this approach. With the large variety of designs and color options available in modular furnishings, you can go in for all kinds of combinations to create a special ambiance for the combined living room and kitchen area of your house.

The challenge lies in evolving the right blend of materials brought together in a perfect composition that brings about a harmonious balance. The choice is wide and varied – you could go in for an exciting mix of wood and metal, or plastic and wood. Black is the right choice for a neutral background, while bronze handles would go well with dark shades. What you need to do is bring about a strong and harmonious synergy through the entire area – along the walls, the floor, the ceiling and the furnishings.

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