No effort spared for the guest….!

No effort spared for the guest….!

That one little spare room you have in the house! It’s your study, your reading room, your lounging place and, often, your guest room too. A multi-purpose room such as this does need a multi-holistic approach when it comes to decorating and furnishing it. Naturally, it’s not a hotel room, so you can’t possibly thinking of making all facilities available to your guest. But you do want your guest to be comfortable, don’t you. And comfort, mind you, is not simply about a comfortable bed to sleep in and a clean towel in the bathroom.

There are actually many small and big things you can do to make your guest’s stay pleasant and memorable. Assuming, of course, that you want to leave him/her with happy memories and not something they would want to forget in a hurry.

A slightly spacious room would do well with a reading chair, which doubles up as your favorite pastime place as well as somewhere your guest can relax while sipping the morning cup of tea. If the room is too small for such a chair, go in for a couch in place of a regular bed so that it serves the double purpose of a bed to sleep in and a lounging seat to read or relax during the day.

Your own bed has a lot of pillows, doesn’t it? It makes your bed ideal for a comfortable snooze as well as to prop yourself up for reading. So why not give the same comfort to your guest! After all, a few extra pillows or cushions aren’t going to burn your pocket. An added advantage is the vibrancy that is added to the room by the colorful cushions and pillows.

Mirrors are as much a decorative as a necessity. Your guest does need a mirror in the room to get ready every morning before he/she steps out of the house, but it would do even more good to have more than one mirror. Mirrors add depth and a sense of space to a small room, besides creating a great ambience by reflecting light at night. So play up the room with some mirrors in different sizes. Rest assured, the ambience so created will not detract you from your work if you are using the room as a study otherwise (in the absence of a house guest).

Cleanliness, of course, is the key to a nice and welcoming guest room, so be sure to clean up the room before your guest comes to stay. If you are doubling up the room as a study, be sure to declutter the desk and organize the rest of the stuff.

While your guest doesn’t expect hotel-like facilities in your house, a small television set in the guest room would go a long way to make him happy. And it would ensure that you can watch all your favorite programs without being disturbed when there is no guest around.

Though a small thing, you would do well to remember to put in some plugs and chargers etc for your guest in the room. That is sure to earn you many brownie points with your guest.

Lighting, color scheme, storage space – all these go to make a comfortable spare/guest room. And while you are it, do add some decorative knick-knacks to the room, perhaps a small painting or two on the wall, to make your spare room a perfect guest room.

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