Modern Pergolas design ideas ,which adds charm to your home..!

Modern Pergolas design ideas ,which adds charm to your home..!

When we think of pergolas, we quickly think of a very big posh home with God knows how many rupees spent on it, but the kind of effect a pergola gives to a modern contemporary home, I believe no other component can give to it.

Modern pergolas utilize the striped style. Use of natural or artificial light along with nature of the material used for making pergolas affects its style and design greatly. Use of natural material like wood (sheesham, teek etc.) will give a beautiful look to your pergola. Even though it will cost you more, once you’re done with it you’ll see that it is worth it and also it will last longer. Use of pergolas in gardens is quite popular. This does not really cost as a big surprise because who doesn’t want to soak themselves in the sunlight on a pleasant morning or enjoy the breeze on a pleasant evening. In Pergolas, you can have an evening party and enjoy some drinks with music or you can just sit by yourself enjoying nature. There are broadly two types of pergolas – folding type, which can be unfolded and folded as per your need and the standard static type which is made of solid material and cannot be moved as such. Here we will be considering the standard static type of pergolas because, old school is best right? For construction of a Pergola the materials used are stone, wood or concrete. Now a day metal pergolas also used but it does not give that much pleasant appearance as natural materials give. Pergola can be open or closed type. It has a special sturdy structure as it is an open element and has to stand against wind, rain, sun and other forces of nature. The location of a pergola should also be well decided because while placing it in a sunny place it will serve its purpose as will help to maintain shadow at sunny area. And for that you can decorate pergolas by placing trellis otherwise  one will not be able to sit in it even in the evening as it will become too hot and the solid materials used to make it will let heat out at a slower rate.

Some designs of modern pergola differ in their shapes. They can be circular or rectangular and as per the shape you can choose the design. However, the important thing is the pergola you want to build must be the creation of a proper idea.

It’s always better to have an idea of your very own and let a designer work on that idea as a core. It gives better results and satisfaction once it’s done.

There are different types of pergolas like –

  • The Garden pergola:

Like I’ve already mentioned earlier, pergolas in gardens are the best fit. Pergolas look best in gardens especially those made of stone and serve their purpose best in gardens. They give an amazing look and complete your garden.

  • The Simple wooden pergola:

This is the most commonly found pergola in contemporary homes. Reason? It is easy to build and the only material you require for making wooden pergolas are wood and yes of course nails, nuts and bolts (but I don’t always have to state the obvious right?)

Building a pergola improves the essence of a home and uplifts the look of the house. Below are a few ideas for pergola designs.

  • Vintage Garden Designs:

There are many of us out there who would pick nature and greenery any day over technology and gadgets. If you are one of those kinds then your pergola can become a part of your garden and because it isn’t that easy to get ample shade in gardens we can follow a great technique called ‘vining’. Vines are allowed to grow in the pergola walls covering and twining around the striped pergola roof pattern and if you want your pergola to be colourful then you can let flowering climbers grow over it.

  • Contemporary Designs:

If you like clean edges and right angles then the contemporary wooden designs are perfect for you. The material used for making these Pergolas and wood incorporated with mattresses and cushions to make it more comfy. A small coffee table or large dining tables can also be used to make your modern pergola perfect for parties. Such Pergolas can be situated next to swimming pools or can be next to your own private bar. For beautiful exterior of your house you can place it as porch also.

  • Banquet Design:

The best thing about a banquet designed pergola is that it could serve two functions. First one is the more obvious one – relaxation. The second one is optional and is an amazing option for those who enjoy cooking – incorporation of a kitchen. Incorporating a barbeque or a grill would do wonders for your banquet pergola too.

It is said that a pergola is the thought and imagination of a person in wood and stone. So go ahead and make it your own!

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