Make your room sky attractive and charming – The ceiling..!

Make your room sky attractive and charming – The ceiling..!

When we so meticulously design our rooms we often forget the sky: ceiling. When it comes to designing our ceilings, where designing is a huge misnomer, all we do is leave it plain or add some rocky designs. Designing ceilings is not a tough job and it is not expensive either. Painting your ceilings is the simplest and most inexpensive way of giving a decorative touch to your ceiling. Some designers believe that painting your ceilings with a colour lighter than the walls of your room is better. Maintain a colour code in your rooms including your ceiling. Accessorize keeping in line with your colour code. You could also have a mural painted on the ceiling. For bedrooms we mostly use clouds, stars and other sky scenes. Addition of chandeliers and windows to the ceiling is another good idea.

Ceilings look amazing with architectural elements such as beams like boxed, vaulted or hammer beams. If your house is under construction or you are renovating your house then addition of vaulted beams is the best way to decorate your ceiling with proper lighting. Hammer beams also add a dramatic touch to the room and create a cosy space. A room with vaulted beams and with large windows on the walls creates a very open space. Use of skylights between the beams also gives an old school touch to your room giving a great view of the night sky and lets in a lot of sunlight during the day.

Raising the roof and adding chandeliers to it is a great way of decorating your ceiling but raising your roofs is always not required. Addition of hammer beams alone is sufficient to make your ceilings look great.

The main aim of decorating your ceilings is to eliminate the boring white flat look which most ceilings possess by adding designer elements. Boxed beams work in rooms with high ceilings and give it a vintage look. If you have moved into an old home and are remodelling then adding boxed beams will hide old wirings. The spaces between the beams are potential spaces to add coloured glasses or skylights which make beautiful patters and let in a lot of light respectively. Painting the ceiling with patterns and murals or adding pictures or portraits is also a great idea.

Lighting is also important to ceiling design. Having the nicest ceiling decoration with improper lighting will throw the whole decoration off. Hence a little research into lighting will uplift the look of the ceiling design as well as the room.

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