It’s Time To Give Your Home A Monsoon Makeover

It’s Time To Give Your Home A Monsoon Makeover

Monsoon is here! We enjoy the idea of rain pouring down and chasing the brutal summer heat away, the sweet smell of wet earth and the freshness of greenery all around us, but we often find ourselves indoors more than we’d like to. Monsoon makes us want to snuggle up into our warm and cozy homes. And that’s why we bring to you top 5 home design ideas for a classy monsoon makeover. After all its all about improved aesthetics, comfort and convenience.

Brighten up your living room with colorful accents-

Overcast skies can sometimes be a complete mood dampener but bright interior accents can turn the mood around. Opt for colorful cushions, pillows, rugs and show pieces to inject color pops in your living room. You could also try paintings, artwork and pottery with playful to textures to splash your casual decor with style and oodles of color. This is one of the most effective home interior design ideas for the monsoon season.

Artificial lighting for dull days-

Rainy days are often dark and gloomy with minimal natural sunlight available. Create a soft mood by changing your white lights to yellow lights. This will help lift your and your room’s spirits without being too jarring or vibrant. Beautiful hanging lights or contemporary floor lamps made of shaded glass can further uplift the mood by reflecting soft and warm on your decor. You can also choose aromatic candles to infuse your living room with fresh scents.

Choose sheer fabrics and curtains-

Sheer curtains are a great pick during monsoons as it helps get the natural light in. They are the easiest and most cost effect way to make your home airy and feel well ventilated. So, keep your silk and velvet curtains aside as they interfere with air circulation in the room and choose sheer curtains.

Use stylish but functional accents-

Another great way to give your interiors that monsoon makeover is to make use of highly functional pieces which also deliver a bold style statement. A great example is to select playful drawers near the entrance to keep your muddy shoes in. Doormats is another simple interior tip. You could also add baskets to stash your wet umbrellas and raincoats.

Add a few floral touches

When the world around is green and bursting with fresh colors, why not try to match the inside with the outside? Lively and fragrant flower arrangements or small planters are a humble and inexpensive way to redress boring interiors. Adding fresh plants to a side table is almost as effective as vibrant fabrics and accents. Adding greenery to your home is a great interior and exterior home design idea.

Now that you’ve read our home design ideas #Built With IDprop to give your interiors a seasonal makeover, are you ready for the monsoons?

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