It is necessary to know the difference between Interior Designer, Interior Decorator, and Architect..!

It is necessary to know the difference between Interior Designer, Interior Decorator, and Architect..!

Over the years of learning and understanding architecture and interiors closely, people have been asking me the difference between an interior designer, architect and a decorator. Sadly there has been so much confusion between the three and so let is talk about what these really are. Apparently, a lot of professionals in this field seem to be unaware themselves. We will here try to answer all such question so in case you are one of those looking for some particular interior help, you can go to the right person or the ones who are looking at a careen in either of these fields.

The common thread that binds all three together is that they all come under one industry and of course, follow similar pattern of learning for example the principles of design. Interior designing for an instance is a field which attracts a lot of attention because the individual is either good at actual interiors or is just fascinated by the dynamics. But what most of us miss is the pros and cons of all the three disciplines. However, you must know that irrespective of the challenges you might face as an interior designer, interior architect or an interior decorator, all the three careers are excellent, elegantly lavish and there is a plethora of business opportunities right there.

Primarily, being an Interior Decorator is much easier than the other two because the course is shorter. People who can decorate just anything and everything much uniquely in a naturally creative way must pursue their career as an interior decorator.If you are an interior decorator, you must be acquainted with several interior décor styles whether it is from the vintage times or the contemporary modern ones. Their other competencies include creating colour palettes, suitably selecting interior items such as fabric, wall paint, etc.

Interior designers on the other hand have an expertise beyond the décor of spaces. They have an understanding of interior decorations as well as create plan of spaces, layouts, make apt choices of surface finish, get the materials sorted and add the right elements of interior lightings. A few activities that an interior designer will definitely take part is in designing furniture like the storage cabinets in the kitchen or other rooms and are also aware of the technicalities involved in such activities. Good interior designers will have the dexterity while working with design software like  CAD, AutoCAD, Autodesk and a few other designing software that help in interior space designing.

Interior Architects are the bigger players in the design industry who have several skillset which is mainly for commercial or huge residential design projects. This course is a 5 year long where an individual is taken through the very basics of a construction to the beautification and then self-designing one and dealing with the technicians to construct what is required as per the standards. Interior space planning encourages them to work on structural masterpieces which can be anything from a hospital to a grand shopping mall. An interior architect must have the knowledge of high-end architectural software which can uniquely define or redefine every element of a building.

We hope that this basic explanation can help you to explain and understand the difference between these three. If you have any further questions on the same, you can always write to us.

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