Interior Décor Inspiration For Every Room…!

Interior Décor Inspiration For Every Room…!

The world wide web is enriched with so many ideas for everything that it is almost impossible to see things that interest you and are relevant to your surroundings. The very reason why inspiration websites like Pinterest exist is to narrow down on interest topics and categorize searches for easy look up and use. In India, social media websites like Facebook & Instagram have gained popularity over time but these platforms are meant for sharing slice of life events and pictures.

When it comes to Interior Design, Home Décor, Architecture and trends in Indian Interior Decor, there wasn’t any specific platform to look for inspiration till date. covers that niche by being a curated platform of Interior Designers & Architects from major cities across India, enabling them to showcase their projects to everyone.

On the website, you will find Home Décor ideas for each room, each being a real life project executed by an Interior Designer. You can even save the ideas you like for future reference in your IDea book by registering as a customer on the website. Moreover, if you wish to connect with an Interior Designer whose work you really liked, you can do so within the portal itself.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the ideas showcased on  :

  • Lavish Bedrooms :

  • Stylish Living Rooms :

  • Modern Kitchens :


  • Beautiful Kids Rooms :

  • Designer Dining Rooms :


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