How To Create An Impression Of Luxe And Build The Perfect Home?

How To Create An Impression Of Luxe And Build The Perfect Home?

Home Sweet Home!

Everyone adores their houses, be it big or small. Living in the concrete jungle, one has to build a home which is comfortable as well as fancy, just to match the ‘life in the fast lane’ lifestyle. With the parties, ceremonies, get-togethers and celebrations, a constant need to boast your well-furnished house with an aesthetic interior design plays on everyone’s mind. Check out this interesting guide to design your interiors in modern or contemporary style.

What is the difference between the modern and contemporary interior design style?

It is a question that puzzles the minds of many. The words “modern” and “contemporary” may have a similar meaning for most of the crowd, but in the interior designing world they are completely separate from each other. Though, they might share similar elements from time to time. These unique styles and modern interior design ideas are popular amongst the interior designers and homeowners alike.

What is the history of modern interior style?

In the early to the mid-twentieth century, the world saw a revolution of modernism in art, culture and design. The world’s mindset and perception about art was being challenged while, the German Bauhaus and the pioneers of modern Scandinavian design were crafting furniture and architecture that favored simplicity, form, and function. From modern came the mid-century modern design and the same principles were carried into the ever-popular styles of the 1950’s and 60’s.

What is Modern Interior Design?

The European design aesthetic that first emerged in the early 20th century is also known as the Mid-Century Modern. With clean lines and open unadorned spaces, a modern home consists of natural materials like leather, wood, teak, and linen. For furniture designs, plywood, plastic, and polished metal are still the standardized materials. The main philosophy of modern design style is a seamless blend of form and function, but with more of a focus on the latter.

The use of white, cream and other neutrals for walls and flooring keeps the look of the room simple, but a few pops of color is be used to highlight the decor, which is usually minimal as well. The Modern style is extensively used to design small homes, flats and corporate or informal offices. It helps to creates an illusion of space, openness and makes the room look less cluttered.

That mid-century modern, airy vibe is also still the trend, so most pieces are usually raised off the ground and arranged in a way that makes the space feel open and expansive. Accent colors are an interesting choice to play with; geometric patterns are always a plus.

If you are inspired to refurbish your home in a contemporary or modern design, you definitely need an interior designer. Here’s where IDprop comes into the picture. IDprop is an online portal that helps customers, such as you, to connect with the best interior designers in town. You can choose from a wide range of experienced interior professionals basis their extensive work experience and designing exposure. Share your requirements with on the website and IDprop gets you in contact with the right home improvement professionals who will design your home as per your requirement.

Contemporary Interior Design:

Contemporary design is currently in fashion, which is why it’s often confused with the modern interior design. For instance, creating a sense of openness using clean-lined and sleek furniture (a trend borrowed from modern design style).

The ever evolving and progressive Contemporary design style will never go out of fashion. Since the beginning of mid-century, modern designs have been very popular and contemporary design spaces often integrate that style. Currently, a contemporary-designed house may have large windows, a variety of sculptural shapes and figures, or a harmonious outdoor landscape that defines this exquisite architecture and interior designing style. Crisp white walls and matching furniture, a backdrop of natural elements like fir, cedar, stone, and even cork are also incorporated. Sustainability is huge for contemporary design! The overall visual is unified; but it provides comfort and style.

Be it, contemporary or modern, IDprop will help you build the house of your dreams. Extremely creative and skilled designers’ profiles have been showcased on the website. From your living room to your kitchen, from your garden to your exteriors, IDprop covers all aspects of interior designing and architecture.


Despite the attention to minimalism, modern spaces aren’t usually cold or stark. They’re filled with plenty of warm and natural neutrals. Contemporary design spaces, on the other hand, can have a bold sharpness, like think of the monochromatic black and white combination – but they can also freely swing all across the color wheel.


The modern design style favours strong, straight lines; contemporary furniture would get a bit curvier.

The motto for both the designs contemporary and modern would be easily, “Less is more”. The style of each space is typically simple, neat and tidied, opting for smooth lines and a little dash of artistic panache. Neither of the styles include heavy or ornate fancy furniture. Both the styles are calming and neutral with a focus on materiality using reflective surfaces like exposed woods, metals, and glass.

According to your style, passion and perception, IDprop team will dive in the realms of innovation and give you an ultimate masterpiece.  A beauty of architecture, that you will bound to fall in love with. So, go ahead and book the luxury you deserve at the IDprop website.


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