Home Décor Ideas For The Festive Season…..!!

Home Décor Ideas For The Festive Season…..!!

With the ongoing Navratri and upcoming Diwali, the festive fervor is in its full swing in India! Just when most people are preparing for the big festival by cleaning their homes, buying new stuff and beautifying each corner of the home & temple, here’s what you can try doing differently this year.

Experiment with the lights

Diyas are an essential part of the festivities, here’s how you can use them creatively! Club it with pearls or wine glasses, just imagine anything out of the box and create a new piece of décor.

Try something new with the hangings

If you love DIY you can try new designs in the wall hanging instead of flowers like diyas, elephants, peacocks made from different materials.

Contemporary crockery

This is one department where you don’t have to work hard, just go and shop for some chic contemporary crockery. There are so many varieties available in the market, you will be spoilt for choices. Just keep one thing in mind, choose something that complements your home décor.



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