Freshen up what’s already there: Get creative with your workplace

Freshen up what’s already there: Get creative with your workplace

A large portion of our lives is spent in our offices. And if the office space is not furnished well, or feels out-dated, it can hold us back and leave us feeling less inspired. So the question is; what are the smart hacks that can freshen up the whole environment up without costing an arm and a leg?

  • A fresh paint job

The simplest and the easiest thing to do to give your office a new look is to give it a fresh paint job. You will be amazed at what a fresh coat of paint can do to your work environment. You could also opt for a vivid color depending on the mood you want to create in your office.

  • Light it up

A good lighting serves right to boost concentration and efficiency. There are various lighting setups you can consider for your office. This includes natural light, overhead or built-in lights, or lamp posts. You can get creative with different light shades and make it more of a feature – like these quirky overhead lights. Illumination is essential in an office after all.


  • Revamp your furniture

Get rid of the old, squeaky chairs and bring in new furniture to give a modern outlook to your office. Start with the chairs and desks as these get used the most. Another furniture tip is to invest in modern and contemporary designs to get rid of the dull look in your office.

  • Get artsy                

The best offices aren’t just functional and clean, they also capture the spirit of the company. Add a personal touch to your office, maybe by hanging some artistic designs on your wall, painting your wall with your company logo or hanging frames of the elementary things that you like. And don’t stop with the walls. Plants, rugs and desk decor can add color and joy to an office space, too.

  • Go Green

Plants are proven to induce a healthy environment, boost creativity and elevate your mood. So, why not invest in adding a little greenery to your work environment? It also helps in reducing stress and noise levels, makes the air cleaner and gives a nice and fresh look to your office. If you already have greenery, think about adding new plants and placing them in strategic places around the office.

Now that you’ve read our style hacks which are #BuiltWithIDprop, are you ready to revamp and freshen up your office space?

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