Enhance your entrance with different elements…..!

Enhance your entrance with different elements…..!

The entrance of your house gives you the first impression to a visitor. Well, each one of us tries to keep it as clean and well maintained as possible, but other than that, a lot can be said from the decor of your entrance. The one place where a lot is said about you as well as your home.Always keep your entrance well lit and clutter free. Do not create a mess with the shoe rack or old newspapers and magazines.

  • Lighting : An entrance should be well lit. Be it from the garden to your front door or from the front door to the living room. Pendant or hanging lights are the most suitable here; you can pair them of have a separate light in the porch area. As far as the garden is concerned, a series of white lights look beautiful. If not them, a couple of bulbs also make the entryway look bright and well lit.


  • Photographs : Photo frames on the entrance is one of the most preferred decor idea. A line of photos in various photo frames in different sizes makes the entrance interesting as well as personalized. Choose your favorite photos and have them framed in frames of different sizes, trust me, you as well as your guests will love this.


  • Vintage Chest : If you have a vintage chest or a table, place it in the entrance of your home and display candles or a few photographs on it. Even a flower vase can do the trick.


  • Mirror: The simplest or the easiest way to change the look of your entrance is by fixing a large mirror on the wall. It will add space to the room and make it look contemporary.


  • Canvas painting : A large painted canvas draws attention to the wall and adds charm to the entryway. If you are a lover of art, this is what you should pick. It will definitely change the way your entryway looks.


  • Settee or Ottoman : A striped or nude colored settee or ottoman will help you cover the entry space and provide a seating for the guests. This way your entryway could look like a waiting room too. This can only be included if your entrance is large enough otherwise it will only clutter the space and make it look disorganized.


  • Indoor plants: If you are a lover of nature, indoor plants will add charm to your entrance. Those who do not have a garden for themselves can always create a beautiful indoor space. Indoor plants can be arranged in the entrance of the house. It not only looks beautiful but also gives the entrance a serene and calm feel.


Lastly, you can combine as many ideas as you want and create an impressive and personalized entrance of your own. You can have pendant lights, a mirror and indoor plants as well as pendant lights, photo frames and indoor plants. It is up to you to choose what you want in your entrance. Ensure that everyone who enters your home leaves with a positive first impression.

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