Dine with fancy ideas…!

Dine with fancy ideas…!

So what makes a table top beautiful? Yes, a good design of course, but there’s more to an attractive table top than just that. And let me tell you, there’s not much you need to uplift your table barring a few interesting ideas. Here are some of them.

  1. Table cloths have always been a good option but runners are more popular these days. They come in all kinds of cloth material, colors, designs. Let the runner run through the center of your table and you’ll see everyone’s eyes running along it too.
  1. A beautiful flower vase is something you know would do wonders to your table but then, everyone puts flower vases out there and you’ve always taken pride in being different. So be different by using greens on the table, with or without the vases. You can actually use plant runners instead of the cloth ones.
  1. Succulent fresh fruit in an attractive bowl is something with which you simply can’t go wrong. Keep them on your table and see the freshness it lends to the room.
  1. There is an amazing variety of glass and crystal wares available now-a-days. Get hold of some and lay them out on your table.
  1. Your finest cutlery is something you love showing off but the occasions are not too many. Make every day an occasion by putting it out on the table. Use a nice wicker basket or holder to hold the forks and spoons.
  1. Books and magazines always carry a special meaning, wherever they may be lying. Pile them up on the table and let your guests be amazed.
  1. A good-looking piece of antler or some other similar artifact is a welcome change on the table from the usual vases and bowls.
  1. A multi-layered tray with dry fruit or chocolates is a perfect choice for your table. You can also opt for attractive jars in place of the tray.
  1. How about some candle stands with candles all ready to be lit up? A candle lit dinner is always popular with guests of all age groups and types.
  1. Now this may be a little run-of-the-mill but is still ideal to have on your table. We are talking about salt and pepper sprinklers. Considering the designer varieties that have come up, I’m sure you’ll find the right one for your table.

Given that the table is central to your house and the one place that the family gathers meals a day, it makes sense to keep it nicely done. It’s not just the family but also the guests who would enjoy a nice table as much as they would some nice food.

A great way to make a great table would be to combine two or more ideas from the list above. There is no reason why you cannot have candles along with the flowers or a fruit bowl along with glass ware. So long as it doesn’t get too crowded to fit in the food, it’s look good.

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