Designing A Spacious Home With A Mix Of Modern And Contemporary Styles!

Designing A Spacious Home With A Mix Of Modern And Contemporary Styles!

When it comes to creativity, imagination knows no bounds – and when you have a perfect place to decorate, you can let your imaginations run boundless! Jignesh Shah took up this residential project with an open mindset. He found immense potential and lots of opportunities to explore.

“The house was a spacious one and it is very easy to go overboard with too many ideas. But if too many design elements are placed, it only clutters the place rather than ‘styling’ it. Capturing the elegance in simplicity was the approach selected and it really brought the place together.” Said Jignesh Shah.

The existing layout consisted of three bedrooms, one living room, dining area and a kitchen. A perfect blend of modern and contemporary styles was used for this house.

Use of white as the base colour turned out to be a perfect choice. A neutral colour presents enough opportunities for design.

Beginning with the bedrooms, he made sure that the house had a completely cohesive look and felt bright and cheery too.

Bedrooms :

Bedrooms must be designed with a lot of thought. They are usually places where people relax after a day’s stressful work. Comfort was of utmost importance. The lighting needed to be just right too.

First bedroom :

The windows were full length and natural light was ample. Net – like sky blue curtains allowed the perfect amount of light to pour into the room. Dark curtains could be drawn whenever required. The room was also furnished with all the modern amenities.


The wooden bed was matched up with the walls with white and the bedside unit drawers gave it an added charm. To add to the aesthetics we included textured paint in purple shades with down lights to accentuate it. The entire room looked bright and felt just right. There wasn’t a necessity to add any extra decorative elements.

Second bedroom :

The second bedroom was designed with a duo-chromatic scheme and wooden finishes were selected for the bed and instead of side tables, wall hung drawers were used. The bed had a comfortable backrest and a crowd of pillows neatly arranged made it even cosier. Wooden panelling was used with LED ambient lights that gave the room its unique charm.


The room exuded a decent ambience and no out of the ordinary decorative elements were used. The functionality was given a priority and the design and decoration followed a very practical approach.

Third bedroom :

The third bedroom was also designed with a simplistic elegance. Dark and light combination was used to create a perfect color palette. A wooden bed with a customized backrest was used. The back light and raised ceiling was the highlights that made this room look unique.


The dining space :

Dining spaces are places where families unite after a long day to settle down to a happy meal. The ambience of the place needs to create that kind of a magic. A long table with comfortable chairs around it was just perfect.

The dining space could also be seen from the entrance door. So, it had to be designed to impress as well. Graphical impressions were used on the wall and were accentuated with ambient spot light. Especially the lighting of the area had to be strategically planned so that it not too piercing to the eye nor too dim and dull. The entrance door as you see was intricately designed with embossed designs.


The dining table also had a white stone counter top. Wooden chairs with sponge seats and silk fabric were used to complement the table.  The wall painting simply brought the space to life!

The dining space was also given a modern look with a counter top basin with a large mirror and dado cladding work. Wooden drawers were used and the overall ambience was made bright.

The kitchen :

The kitchen was designed with great thought. Especially since it was an open kitchen that could be seen from the living room, it required to be elegant and needed to go well with the living room and dining room decors.


The open kitchen with shaker cabinets were and overhead cabinets were the highlight of the décor. Wooden partition with concealed unit made the kitchen space more useful.

The living room :

The living and dining spaces were divided through a glass partition. A charming decorative element hanging from the ceiling added to the charm of the living room.

The living room needed to be designed with the space in mind. Distance from the television mattered.


An L shaped seating arrangement was selected with white leather finish to give it an elegant look. The centre table was also white and the complete arrangement complemented the rest of the décor. The wall behind the LCD was designed with panelling work and down lights to provide just the right illumination. The wall hung storage unit was just perfect to complete the picture.

The entire house was given a bright and cheer look and the ambient lights used to focus on the decorative elements gave it a perfectly charming feel!

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