Colors to pick for outdoors…!

Colors to pick for outdoors…!

No matter in which part of the world you reside in, when it is winter we all are shivering away into the outdoors seeking some sun love. It just gets way too cold, and well for India after monsoon we are only looking forward to the blanket cuddling winters. Most of us have our gardens or terrace gardens and everything whether it is soaking up the sun or doing a routine work we all come back to the refreshing natural warmth. Now, we have realized that most of our outdoor backyard spaces are so dull and lifeless and that should never be the case. After all, it is the part of the same house right? It is so crude of the fashion world to say that winter colors are more subtle, pale of sorts, which ideally seems a little faulty to us. So we thought that if through the winters we are going to spend out most time outdoors, why not revamp the outdoor decor the way you would like it all year long? Well, let’s just accept interior at the end of the day do burn a hole in our pockets. While the summer flowers lose themselves to the shrill of the cold, you can read how adding some colors in your outdoor decor can elevate the complete liveliness of your home!

  • Splash of Red and Orange:

Well what we understand by observing around us and in several households is that it is ideally better if the colors that come from the natural elements it can enhance the space. However, this cannot happen in winters because no, flowers don’t bloom then. Playing with colors is a flamboyant idea of keeping the spirits of the home alive.

If you have a wall in your backyard which either has no paint on it or is just forgotten, add some pop tomato red or bright orange textured paint. If you do not wish to go with coloring the wall, then how about adding chairs of different colors? These two colors can ideally add life to almost anything. You can add some yellow sun umbrellas too as you like prevalent against a beige wall backdrop or a blue swimming pool that you might have.

  • Colors of the Nature:

That little garden with some trees and your favourite plants and the pool in your backyard, what colors do you see? There is green, blue from the water, the rocks or pebbles if you have any and so much light coming from the sky. It is always suggested taking little cues from nature. So if you have some green and no blue, adding some indigo or turquoise would never hurt. If you have a pool then simply have some seating arrangements around with big cushions of olive or teal.

  • Slight blush of Pinks and Peach:

Color scheming is a vast combination of hit and trials based upon the space combination and of course, your liking. If you have a swimming pool, you can always recreate the tiles with some pink addition or lighter shades like peach and baby pink. It just remains revitalized forever.

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