Bring some natural light into your homes – The sun rooms….

Bring some natural light into your homes – The sun rooms….

Sun rooms, like the name suggests is a room that allows a lot of sunlight into it during the day. It is a rare luxury. Very few people have sunrooms in their homes partly because, in tropical countries like India, it is not so welcoming and secondly because people think designing one is a hell of a job. But believe me, it isn’t if you have the right guidance and have done the right amount of research.

Sunrooms are, in one word- elegant. There is no style that doesn’t go with them. From rustic to sophisticated, from old school to modern, sunrooms can literally rock any of these styles. So let’s begin! When we think of sunrooms the very first thing that comes to our minds is big windows. Many people also incorporate plants into their sun rooms so that the latter can use up all the sunlight available to grow. Apart from these there are many other things we can do with sunrooms. They carry a lot of potentials and give us the opportunity to decorate them with finesse.

To begin with, we need furniture in most of our rooms. Let’s shift from the same old couch or sofa and move to something else like lounging chairs. Placing a lounging chair near the window or actually anywhere because it’s a ‘sunroom’ is a great idea as you can sit there and soak up all the sunlight. Only because I referred to the couch and sofa as ‘same old’ doesn’t mean they cannot be used in sunrooms. Use of elegant pieces like wooden sofas, dining tables or even large swings is perfect for sunrooms.

Now we move to the windows. There is absolutely no need to go with the plain casing windows when you can do so much more with them. We know that white and black is a perfect combination of colors. Similarly in a bright sunroom, dark wooden casing gives a very sleek look to the room. You may have 7-8 windows or just two if you have a super large wall. You can also install French windows in the room and they are trendy.

Coming to the color coding of the room – this is entirely up to your liking. One way is to just let it be if you have wooden walls. If you don’t then using soft colors like white, tints of orange and green or other earthy colors can be ideal.

Sunrooms are openly surrounded by the outdoors. We don’t see much organization in nature which is why it is necessary to keep the inside organized and it is even better if you keep neat and clean lines as the principle of designing your sunroom.

Coming to accessories, the sky is the limit here really because depending upon what you like to do you can add any type of accessory. It is better to let your hobbies and interests exert some influence here because what is better than pursuing your hobbies on bright mornings?

If you love reading and have a large book collection then converting one entire wall into a bookshelf seems sensible. You can always go to the sunroom, relax on the sofa with a book and a cup of coffee. How delightful is that?

If you love music and play an instrument then converting your sunroom into a sunroom-music room is a great idea. Placing the instrument of your interest in the sunroom gives you the opportunity to play while enjoying the sun. Similarly, if you like painting, then having a painting corner in the sunroom sounds great! You can also have a wall empty where you can hang your wonderful paintings and have an art gallery in your sunroom along with an art corner!

Sunroom designs are endless and so are its utilities. If you are lucky enough to be one of the very few to have a sunroom in your homes, you simply have it all! Use the room well. Implement the ideas aforementioned and enjoy your makes-shift sun room!

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