Bright indoor ideas…!

Bright indoor ideas…!

The recent trends in home decor show bright interiors. Be it bright wall colors or bright furnishing, a bright room will simply refresh your mood and make your house look colorful. If you love a dynamic and bold design, bright interiors are perfect for you. Bright wall colors are never boring; they always make the room look cheerful and inspiring.

A white decor can be perfectly spiced up with bright color accents. There are various ways you can do up your house in bright colors. Try bright wall paints with the recent favorite pan tone shade, or maybe a dark blue. Match the furnishings to go with the wall colors. Bright wall colors have been discussed about quite a lot. And most people prefer having the wall painted in bright with the three remaining walls done in white.

Other than the wall paint, there are a few other decor ideas you could use to bring out the brightness in your home. Even if you do not have bright wall paint inside your home, you can brighten up the room with bright colored furnishings used for the sofa. Bright pink or blue sofas can instantly cheer up the space. Bright colors blend well in warm and sunny climates. If you are somebody who is not experimental with bright wall paint or furnishings, then the simplest way to transform you space is by using a bright colored rug in the room. Pick a beautiful bright rug and place it in the center of the room below the coffee table and you will notice a huge change in the space.

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You can also use bright pieces of art. The brighter the painting, the better it is. Also make sure it is large enough to go well with the size of your wall. The painting will draw attention and make the room look bright and large. Use of a bright patterned wall paper also makes the room look cheerful and bright. Depending on the furnishings, the wallpaper for the room should be chosen, which will replace the dull white walls.

A decor idea which is not really tried much is using bright curtains in the room, you must have seen bright colored sofas and chairs but the curtains are always chosen to match the wall and the wall paint. Bright colored curtains in a simply designed room go very well and balance the interiors of the house. Though they do not lie in the center of the home and hence it is not easy to catch attention but it does bring in brightness to the space.

Just pick a bold, bright color and combine it with white, nude or a dull grey and you are set to revamp your space. You as well as your guests will love the bright, bold look of the house. Any bright color can be subdued with the use of appropriate amount of white. Use this trick each time you are hesitant to go bold.

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