Best ‘Interior Design’ Ideas For Your Hall/Living Room

Best ‘Interior Design’ Ideas For Your Hall/Living Room

Home is a place where you find eternal happiness, irrespective of the size of your home. It is this feeling that makes House, a Home. Your home might comprise of many rooms, but Hall is the one where you spend the maximum amount of time. It is the place where you welcome guests and spend quality time with your loved ones. The design and interiors of the hall in your home reflect your overall personality and that is the primary reason why home-owners spend a significant amount of effort on interior design for hall area. You might have a number of interior design ideas, but you need to choose the one that makes you feel comfortable and goes along with your persona. Below are some of the points that you should consider when designing the hall/living room of your home.

Choose the best-suited design

There are many styles of interior design namely – Contemporary, Antique, Country style, etc. and you need to choose the style that suits the size of your house. For example, in the Contemporary or Minimalist concept, you would get more open space in the living room as the core focus is on Simplicity.  You can opt for modular sofas (something like an L-shaped Sofa), low furniture arrangements, bare minimum TV unit, pedestal tables and lighting sources that go along with the wall color (and furniture placed in the room). If you like playing indoor-games in the hall, then you should opt for ‘Contemporary Design’. On the other hand, Country style can be chosen if you prefer a more ‘rustic look’ for your living room. If you are an art-collector or someone who has awe for antique collection, choose the antique look while designing the hall.

Irrespective of the interior design that you choose for the hall, make sure that it does not make the hall look small and gives you a comfortable feeling when you spend time in that room.

Keep the size in mind

When there is no furniture placed in the hall, you might get a thought that there is an infiniteamount of space for different varieties of furniture items. That is not at all true and you should always remember that the hall is the room which will not only be used by your family members, but also by your guests/friends/any visitor in your home. There should be an adequate amount of free space in the hall; hence you need to select furniture that compliments the size & aesthetics of the hall.

Select the best-suited design for Sofa-set, TV unit, center table, and any other item that you plan to accommodate in the hall. Always have the dimensions of the living room handy so that you are always reminded to choose any ‘furniture item’ as per the size of the hall/living room.

Light up the room

All of us know the implications of not lighting the house well and bad lighting in the hall can spoil the ambiance. Lights that you select for the hall should complement the other items in it, be it the sofa, TV unit or even the wall of the room. You have to make sure that the hall is well-litso that it gives a comfortable feeling to the members occupying it. There are many lighting options (white lights, yellow lights) available, but you should opt for the option that ‘brightens up the room’!

You can also have ‘designer lighting’ in the hall as that is the place (in the house) where you might celebrate the best occasions with your friends.If you plan to have art on the wall, based on the type of art; you should select the ‘lighting option’ that further beautifies the look & feel of the art.

‘Wall Color’ that compliments the room

Based on the color & type of flooring, furniture, design, etc. of the hall; you should opt for the wall-color that enhances the look of all of them. Irrespective of the size of the hall, select a color that makes your hall appear big e.g. a very bright color tends to make rooms appear small hence; choose the best color, texture of the paint, etc. for the hall.

Once you have selected the right color, to further enhance the appearance; you have the option to choose ‘designer walls’ for certain places in the hall. The whole intent is to make the room bright, as well as comfortable so that you can spend hours sitting in your hall J

Apart from these, you should select the best designer curtains and items that enhance the look & ambiance of your hall/living room. Do you have different interior design ideas, but confused about which one would be best suited for your hall?

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