7 Storage Hacks for Tidier Bedroom Closets….!

7 Storage Hacks for Tidier Bedroom Closets….!

You’ll come across people mentioning about the power of de-cluttering and organizing the items in your room. Yes, it’s true, and it does wonders! A clean and well-organized home will ensure that everything is in the right order. The same principle applies to your bedroom closet too. A well-organized and functional closet will help you get ready faster and in turn, keep you happy and productive as well. Check out 7 storage hacks that’ll make your bedroom closet as tidy as possible.

  • Get more hangers

Hangers are one of your best friends when it comes to organizing different kinds of clothing items. You can arrange your clothing according to office, home or occasion. Also, on one corner you could have your trousers and on the other end your tops or tee-shirts. A good hanger will support heavy clothing like your winter jackets. So, make sure that you purchase high-quality wooden or plastic-based hangers for your closet.

  • Make use of the doors

Fix a multipurpose hook rail to the inner sides of the closet doors. Here you can organize your office ties, and the ladies can hang scarves or their beautiful collection of stoles. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys collecting belts, they too can go onto the multipurpose hooks. Your handbags have a wonderful spot as well.

  • Use office baskets or storage boxes

Yes! They’re not just for your desks, but office baskets are extremely useful in your closet. You can use these baskets to organize your socks, inner wear, and handkerchiefs too. You could also purchase clear-plastic garment boxes or bins to store your clothing items. This way you can easily figure out the items you’ve stored in them. Also, storage boxes of different sizes are a brilliant idea to safely store your seasonal clothing. Make sure you label the boxes. It gets easier.

  1. Shoe rack

If you have a gorgeous collection of shoes, and the right way to store them is in a shoe rack.

Shoe racks are available in various shapes and sizes. So, make sure you get one that’ll not only be functional but also complement your closet. Now, when it comes to different kinds of shoes, you can be smart by organizing them according to the activities and venue. Simultaneously, an elegant and smart way to store your shoes is to use clear shoe boxes.

  1. Closet drawers

To make the most out of your closet space, you can add a couple of drawers. There are plenty of drawers available in different styles and sizes. Choose the right size and color that’ll complement the closet and work best for you. Remember, it has to be both functional and attractive too.

  1. Jewellery organizers

Elegant jewellery boxes, hanging jewellery organizers or fun trays are a must if you love your jewellery collection. They’ll be easily accessible and equally look elegant in your closet. You could also opt for a counter-top jewellery organizer. If you’re running late for an evening event, you’ll certainly thank yourself for organizing your jewellery.

  1. Shelf Brackets

With a little ingenuity, shelf brackets make a brilliant option to organize your clothing. They’ll look stylish and equally functional. You can suspend your hangers.

A well-organized and tidy closet will make sure that your mornings run efficiently. You’ll also notice that your outfit options have just gone limitless. Give your closet the respect it truly deserves by trying out some of the ideas that we’ve shared with you.

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