Wall displays that create harmonious balance!

Wall displays that create harmonious balance!

If you love to hoard beautiful things and like to display them too, for others to enjoy the beauty. All very good so long as you don’t clutter up the house with your favorite things! Walls, in particular, need to be carefully decorated to ensure a clean and attractive look. It’s basically about ensuring a balance so that the beauty doesn’t overwhelm or overpower the creativity.

There are many people who simply love photographs, perhaps out of a sense of nostalgia or because they want to see their friends and family always around. Photographs can be highly inspirational and mood boosting if they don’t end up cluttering the wall where they are put up. One does, therefore, expect some photographs in any house. No photograph is as bad as, or perhaps worse than too many of them.

The key, therefore, is to balance the use of photographs that you want to display. There are a host of ideas when it comes to balanced display of photographs. You could try putting them up in different directions, or use one big frame in conjunction with different shapes and sizes of smaller frames – the effect on the wall where they are hung will be one of creative aesthetics, rather than an ugly clutter.

If there are too many photographs you love and want to show off, there are other ways of doing that instead of putting them all up on the wall. How about a computer screen saver and a photo album kept on the coffee table?  Then there are a whole lot of digital options available now-a-days to display and store your pictures, such as Instagram or Flickr. Your friends are sure to view them and you can look them up whenever you want.

The balancing rule applies as much to other artifacts and objects as to pictures and photographs. Use a mix of the horizontal and vertical, which means you could have shelves lined all the way up or along the wall. This will give a sense of asymmetrical balance to the room.

Or you can opt for the traditional symmetrical balance approach while bring in an element of variety through color or size. Different types of decorative things placed one above the other on a vertical row of shelves would give the effect of ingenuous creativity.

Then there is repetition or replication as a tool to achieve symmetrical balance. Contrary to general thought, it is not monotonous to follow this approach.

The ideal way to ensure balance is to identify, on every wall, the exact area that needs to be covered and visualize a frame around it. A variety of objects on each wall looks more appealing than one kind on one wall.

Whatever the approach, the main thing is to creative harmony in terms of colors, material used, the kind of frames used etc. So it may well be a good idea to have a few small black and white photographs alongside one large gilded frame. The visual balance thus achieved will give the wall a clear and clean look.

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