Transformation of boring passage into an inspiring Hallway!

Transformation of boring passage into an inspiring Hallway!

   English literature of earlier centuries remains to be in our memories for many things. But the interesting descriptions of all those impressive hallways in mansions are something really worth remembering. The thought of it conjures up stimulating images of gilded frame pictures lining a long hallway. And who can forget all that talk of shadows lurking in the dimly lit hallways in novels of the 16th and 17th centuries?

   But all that was about mansions. A far cries, indeed, from the small alleys that pass in the name of hallways in the modern houses. Let not that, however, disheartens you. There’s a lot you can do even with the narrow passages and small stair landings of today, if you put your heart to it.

 Narrow and windowless it may be, but that’s no reason to let the passage in your home end up like a ghostly (or do I mean ghastly?) part of the house, through which nobody wants to venture after dark. From paint to decoration, all you need is a few ingenuous ideas to brighten up the passage.

Here are a few suggestions:

 A nice, long and narrow rug through the entire stretch will add life to this otherwise dead area of your home. The brighter it is the better. Any eye-catching rug will take the attention away from the narrowness of the passage.

  1.  Focus the attention of all those passing through away from the dinginess of the passage by putting up a nice painting at the end of the hallway. It’s an accepted premise that a focal point diverts the eye from the general.
  2.  Come to think of it, you can simply line up both walls of the passage with a series of paintings. Just take care to choose some bright and light ones; you don’t want the passage to be overpowered by the effect of the paintings and leave you feeling even more suffocated by the narrowness.
  3.  If you are not the painting kind, go for some wonderful wallpaper on the walls to get the pleasant effect. Just imagine the effect of pleasantly soothing wallpaper on your senses.
  4.  If you have a little bit of space, put up small ledges on the walls, at strategic points, and put some pictures or other decorative stuff. There cannot be anything more welcoming than personal pictures.
  5.  Or maybe you could line up the walls with small book shelves if you are the bookish kind. There’s something really inspiring about books in the hallway; just try it out once.
  6.  Now if the passage is really narrow, leave the walls alone and paint the ceiling in something really striking (the Vatican ceilings attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, and not without a reason).

  Remember, boring is no longer a word in architectural dictionary. There are ways and ways of brightening up every part of the house, so long as you are ready to embark on the journey of discovery.

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