The Love for Pasty White..!

The Love for Pasty White..!

White is the color of strength, the color that emphasized on serenity and purity, goodness in health. It is also a color of profession and respect and an adorned symbol of love. White is a color which is the reason why any other color we know exists as most of us have understood by the laws of physics, remember the reflection of light experiment by any chance? But here we are talking about white interiors to create a strong statement of elegance, class and redefine the personality of the space you live in. But are you a person of the whites? Or maybe you haven’t discovered yet the wonders the color white can do.

What can you do if you want a white decor? We think you could replace some interiors with things like sleek white cabinets or accessories may be. The best part about this color is that the emptiness it has can help you create ideal depth in your interiors along with presence of darker things placed.

For an instance this white master bathroom. Its muted color palette is emphasizing on a cool and calming feel, making the interior space feel refreshing and giving a more of spa-like experience. Having a white backdrop to this bathroom also allows the designer to play with the design on the cabinet detailing and bath accessories to take center stage.

white 1

For outdoor spaces, having a background can enhance your creativity. For an instance this image has a beautiful mix of color coordinated wood and furniture which looks nothing like the usual boring balconies.

white outdoor-

As we earlier discussed, white is the empty canvas you can fill your colors in, not actual colors but some creativity. The picture we see here is neutral upholstery with ultra-modern curtains and that lavishly paneled window of course. And can you spot that stunning brass chandelier up there? Ravishing!

white 3

White wall paint can help you add furnishings which will look completely stunning against the white backdrop. So whatever furnishings you choose make sure it is neutrally in contrast with your wall otherwise it could be a big disaster.

white bed

How about making your kitchen space white too? Well usually women are the ones who spend most of the time there and it is much better to have white walls up so in case they are fussy about anything, at least the wall paint will cool them down! A crisp white sleek look will be subtle and ideal for the whole house decor.

white 5

White is the color of truth, the color of power, white in one simple word is perfection.

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