The Concept Of Minimalism In Interior Design

The Concept Of Minimalism In Interior Design

An elevated style of balance and forms letting any space lighten up with lights and structure. Minimalism has its roots in music, a symphony so soothing to the soul. The concept of a minimalist interior design stems from the idea that less is more. Minimalism does not have any ifs and buts about it; this is simply a unification of great space and interesting furniture. This interior design concept can be traced to traditional Oriental culture, especially Japanese decorations, where everything in the room gets reduced down to the elements of bare necessity.

A minimalist approach in interior design translates to having a spacious room featuring minimum details and furniture. The focus of this concept is mainly towards texture, color, and shape. Minimalist decorations have been modernized to give shape the prevailing role over purpose, with the greater accent being laid on asymmetry and sharp geometric shapes.

The minimalist interior design has a number of definite parameters about it. All furniture is required to have streamlined shapes and associated upholstery should be made of leather in a neutral color. Straight lines and shiny surfaces integrated into the interior further add to the “wow” factor of minimalist design. Chrome or stainless steel detailing should be used on accessories which in turn should be kept as minimal as possible. Flooring should involve a material that can be cleaned and taken care of easily with stone tiles, linoleum, and wood being preferred options. The ideal option of a storage space would be a simply designed wardrobe.

Coming to the choice of color, white is the defining choice in a minimalist interior design, forming the basis for furniture, floor, and walls. Neutral colors such as light-green, beige, and grey are suitable alternatives. While the basis should not have any flashy colors, accents should be limited to the use of only one bright color. Though the traditional and most popular choice is bright red, this is where you can exert your freedom of choice to suit your taste. Some large details or a picture on the wall accentuates the minimalist interior design further while big windows minus any shades or curtains improve the effect of natural lighting in the room. The color palette determines a well-balanced and smart lighting design with natural light dominating via large rectangular windows, complemented by functional and softly dispensed ambient electric light. Another characteristic of the minimalist style is the importance of open space. Nothing should be in your way, whether you’re moving, relaxing or simply living. Freedom of space is key.

If strictness and simplicity of interior design are something you want, a minimalist approach should be your preferred choice. Start by having a big clear out for a clutter free home is one of the basic to minimalism in interior decoration.

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