Switch your lighting,Go Eco-friendly….!

Switch your lighting,Go Eco-friendly….!

As the nature’s resources have begun to degrade at an exponential growth the world is switching to sustainable eco-friendly living, and when we talk about going eco-friendly it means everything from abolishing paper produced by wood to over production of plastics and use of chemicals. What we discuss here will be about going energy efficient by replacing our old home lighting with the eco-conscious lighting for your interiors whether they are the incandescent bulbs or the tendril CFL’s. Go green and bring in some new yet exorbitant lighting experience to your homes and contribute your bit to conserve whatever we have for generations to come.

Something Quirky:


Can you guess what the lighting above really is? This is the best way of channeling beautiful recyclable resources into a synchronized lighting pattern. These are illuminated LED glass giving a subtle tripping experience.

The usual classic :


These lights are functional and almost all of us have them incorporated in our living spaces in some or the other way. While they are simple and can almost suffice most of your lighting needs, they are eco-friendly with high energy efficiency and will definitely not burn a hole in your pockets.

Eccentric Alternatives :


Well of course the number of alternatives that you have is innumerable but then again not all of them will suitably be power saving. So the easiest alternatives can be installing LED tube lights in hidden spaces that can project light such as a book shelf, under mirrors, LED tape lights under stairs, etc. An alternative to using lamp can be using solar portable power lights, an LED which only needs to be charged under the sun and you can then use them in the night or when you are on an adventurous trip.

So make the switch now if you haven’t already, to make tomorrow brighter than the LED’s today!

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