Sometimes effort of cleanness affects a lot to your well designed place..!

Sometimes effort of cleanness affects a lot to your well designed place..!

There’s no good time to clean up the house. Because every time is a great time to rid your home of unnecessary stuff and to create more breathing space for yourself. Clutter is more than unhealthy; it actually drains the home of emotional energy.

What’s more, cleaning is an acknowledged stress buster. With your hands, your mind and your heart completely involved in the task, you get totally diverted from the woes of the world. And tell you, there are more woes in this world than you can ever visualize. Hence the importance of periodically taking steps to move your mind away from those, into some more vitalizing aspects of life.

The end of summer is as good a time to clean up your house as any other. But the big question is what to throw out. Here are some ideas for you.

  1. You can’t possibly want to keep expired medicines in your home. Space consuming it is, but more importantly it is dangerous too. So now is the time to throw out all those medicines. Take care, however, to destroy them in such a way that it can’t be misused.
  1. The same goes for make-up. Now you don’t want your skin burning with old make-up. Like medicines, make-up items also have a life, after which they do more harm than benefit.
  1. Check out your cupboard for all those clothes which you always think of wearing sometime soon but never really get down to doing it. Give them away and be happy at the thought of making someone happy.
  1. Shoes are another personal item that you always end up piling up. So check out the running shoes or sports shoes which have run out of their `sole’ life and throw them out.
  1. Chargers and chargers all around, with reams of cable thrown in. Always thinking that it will be of some use some time, you have never ended up disposing of them. Time to do that now, along with all that electronic stuff which you haven’t used in quite some years!
  1. The kitchen is one place which is likely to have a lot of unnecessary stuff lying around. The discolored plastic food containers have no place in a healthy kitchen. And I’m sure you take pride in keeping yours healthy. Stale spices also need to go out of your kitchen now, because you cannot possibly want to use them.
  1. Used Air-Conditioning filters that are actually no use any longer are also better out of your home than in it.
  1. Empty boxes that you simply kept on when you bought something new cannot be allowed to mess up your home interminably. So don’t wait any longer to throw them out.
  1. Have you been through the bathroom cabinet recently? If not, do so now and throw out all those bottles that you stopped using eons ago.

A healthy life demands a healthy lifestyle, which in turn means a clean house with no unnecessary clutter.

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