Rework on house hold elements for refreshing ambiance ..!

Rework on house hold elements for refreshing ambiance ..!

Most of us hate the thought of rearranging our room. For one, it’s too much of an effort. And secondly, we get used to, and find comfort in the familiar. Yet it’s extremely important to rework the arrangement of the room from time to time. Now why would that be? Well, it’s quite simple actually.

  1. Change is always refreshing. Change, is the only constant in life. It’s good sometimes to go in for change merely for the sake of change. It’s mentally and emotionally satisfying too, apart from being physically invigorating.
  1. Moving things around helps clean up the room. There is some heavy furniture which has been standing at the same place for a long time. Can you imagine the muck that must be lying underneath? So shift those heavy elements and clean up the place. It’s healthy for you.
  1. Shifting and changing the position of furniture also gives a new lease to the flooring. It’s time to put the pressure of all the heavy stuff on some other part of the floor, before the old section collapses (literally or virtually) under the weight of the furniture.
  1. Pieces that are exposed to strong light for a long time, because of being at a certain spot in the room, will get some protection by being shifted out of that space. The stuff that is put there instead will get the same faded look as the rest of it, and you will not find yourself staring at contrasting shades of your chair cushions.
  1. Even the carpet gets dented and ends up with marks if the legs of a sofa or table have been standing on it for too long. So how about releasing those dents and getting rid of the marks by rearranging the furniture.
  1. In the process of moving things around, you may actually come across old magazines or other stuff that you simply don’t need any longer. But you wouldn’t have known that if you hadn’t starting rearranging the things in your room. So time to throw out the junk with a little bit of rearrangement in the room!
  1. Latent innovation and originality do need a vent occasionally. The moment you start rearranging the room, this comes to the fore as you begin trying out new ways to give an attractive new look to the same old room.
  1. Rearranging can be a mood elevator as your mind and heart get engaged in the task at hand.
  1. It can also be a knowledge enhancer as you may even try to rearrange your room according to Vaastu or Feng Shui principles, an understanding of which could then help you in many other ways.

The positivity unleashed by such an activity would keep your soul satisfy in more ways than one, creating a strong sense of inner harmony within you.

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