Modern kitchen fixes with classic and elegant finishes -glossy look..!

Modern kitchen fixes with classic and elegant finishes -glossy look..!

The kitchen is very famously knows as the heart of the home and of course, why not? It is indeed the heart of the home. It is a place where food is cooked and eaten, it is a place where we sit and socialize too sometimes and now-a-days it has become multi functional and is also used to keep computers and even fireplaces.

Today’s kitchens are fun and welcoming. While designing a kitchen we must keep in mind the activities taking place in the kitchen and the look of the rest of the house. It looks nice if the whole house is designed on a particular theme or color code. Hence it is essential to design your kitchen in such a way that it looks similar to your entire home. Use of the correct type of cabinets, counter tops, appliances, floors and lighting among other things is necessary and because these elements are very necessary for your kitchen styling it is important to decide the theme of your kitchen design before incorporating these elements into your kitchen.

  • Cabinets

When it comes to cabinets you can go for two types broadly – fitted or unfitted. A fitted kitchen is the most common choice and consists of similar upper and lower cabinets with appliances fitted into them for simple use. Unfitted kitchens on the other hand are generally a combination of various colors and styles. Upper cabinets may be floating wall or may sit on the counter top and instead of cabinets shelves may be used. You also have to choose the material you want to use to design these cabinets. You can always go for a mix of materials and styles depending upon your choice.

  • Counter tops

These are the workhorses of the kitchen and need to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Beyond each surface’s aesthetic appeal, you want to consider its physical characteristics. You want a counter top that is water resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. Before deciding, consider how you will use the counter tops. Do you want durable surfaces for chopping or placing hot pans? Do you mind sealing surfaces? Will blemishes bother you or do you need a surface that won’t show fingerprints and water spots? Regardless, a solid surface against a tiled version is always easier to maintain.

  • Appliances

I don’t really need to emphasize much here. The main idea here is to figure out what you need in your kitchen. These include the standard refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher and other things like microwave, oven, deep-fryer etc.

  • Flooring

Every kitchen deserves a nice floor. In addition to being beautiful, a kitchen floor should be comfortable to the feet, water resistant, food resistant, slip resistant, hard to damage and easy to clean. Floor designs need to work well with the other design elements in the kitchen. Options include vinyl, linoleum, wood, stone, ceramic tile, laminate flooring, cork, bamboo, and concrete.

  • Lighting

A kitchen no matter how beautifully designed will fail without proper lighting. Use of natural light during the day should be maximal. In the kitchens certain tasks require more light so arrangements should be made to fix light in the particular appliance compartment cabinet. With brightness control options for your kitchen lighting you can have ambient lighting for your kitchen according to your needs. While kitchen lighting is traditionally ceiling lighting but chandeliers and stand lamps work just as well.

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