Maintain your lawn lush and green by some obvious basics ….!

Maintain your lawn lush and green by some obvious basics ….!

We know that a house with a garden or a lawn always looks more attractive than a house without one. Lawns add such beauty to the house and if you have lawn landscape, it is need utmost importance to take good care of it.

We always go step by step and start with the basics. We know that too much of anything is harmful. The same applies fertilizing your field – too much of it is harmful. While it may even promote rapid growth of plants in your garden but during such rapid growth it makes your plants susceptible to diseases and pests.

As climate differs from area to area it is sensible to approach a professional who will tell you how many times a year you are supposed to ideally fertilize your lawn. It however does not exceed twice a year and having said that do not be tempted to over fertilize your lawn because in this case more is less.

While we’re at it I think it’s important to mention that it’s better to avoid fertilizers with heavy metals. They may promote good growth and greenery but are in general harmful to the environment and can be fatal over the years due to bio-magnification.

Organic fertilizers are the best option when it comes to fertilizing. Approach professional and get the fertilizers best for the plants you are growing in your lawn. In the long run they are more effective than chemical laden fertilizers and are also non-toxic. They are however, a little costlier than chemical fertilizers but that can be afforded if you fertilize only once or twice a year.

Not everyone enjoys gardening. Those of us who don’t must be often tempted to trim the grass quite short when it’s time to cut the grass thinking they won’t have to trim for a longer time but that’s not very healthy for your plants and I’ll tell you why. Longer plants provide shade which promotes plant growth and helps to avoid weeds

Now about water, it’s better to water the lawn once or twice a week to avoid causing floods in the lawn every day. We love playing with the water hoses and sprinklers which is why we tend to water plants a lot everyday but like I’ve mentioned before too much of something is harmful. Too much water will lead to clogging and prevent gas effusion into the soil. Here we go for quality instead of quantity. We should do quality watering of the lawn once or twice a week.

Now let us talk about the most common problem faced by almost every lawn:

  • Bald spots – These are very commonly seen in lawns and their reasons are varied. If your lawn is subjected to too much foot traffic then bald spots in the areas most exposed can develop bald spots. To avoid these stone slabs can be added to the lawns for walking.

Your entire lawn may not be subjected to the same type of environment. For example one side of your lawn may be receiving good amount of sunlight while the other side may not be receiving anything at all.

Bald spots can also occur in your lawn due to pest infestation which sometimes eat away the grass and cause it to thin out in certain areas.

These are some reasons why your lawns may have bald spots. How can you mend it? If it is causes due to pests then using pesticides seems like the obvious solution but if you’re sure that the cause of the bald spots aren’t pests then planting grass seeds in such areas should help.

These are the very basics of lawn maintenance. If followed promptly, your lawns will stay lush green always! However, getting advice from some professionals every now and then is never a bad idea.

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