Love boho fashion? Try boho-chic home décor!

Love boho fashion? Try boho-chic home décor!

If you are someone who wishes to have a home full of life, culture, and interesting items, boho is your thing. It has the hint of modern sensibilities and embraces the carefree, relaxed and unusual. It is all about random patterns and designs, mismatched colors on the walls, bed sheets, cushions and furniture. Needless to mention that boho-chic fashion is a popular trend and has influenced many designers.

Bold hues and rich textiles

Tribal prints, crocheted curtains, bold hues and rich textiles define Bohemian style of home décor. If you have a vibrant personality, let your home reflect the same with its elements and the vibe.

Colorful Bohemian paper lanterns

This is an easy pick for the décor, you can get colorful paper lanterns and use it in your living room and bedroom. All the patterns used need to complement each other since this style involves a variety of chic and colorful elements.

Vibrant-colored walls

Blue, Red, Yellow, pick any vibrant color you love. Don’t hesitate in experimenting with bold colors, it adds life to the room and enhances the décor.

Plants and prints go hand in hand

Plants are an essential part of the Bohemian décor, small pots or leaves on the wall, it all just complements the various prints & patterns so well, it is a delight to the eyes.

More prints, more drama, more style

Contradictory to more “less is more”, boho décor is about more elements, in the right balance of course. Multi-tonal prints that create a symmetric chaos adding beauty to your home is the essence of the style.

Ditch the furniture

Experiment with swing, hammock chair, rugs, pillows, everything but rather then sofa and a table. Boho décor is comfortable in a stylish way. It is everything young, fresh, chic & boho of course.

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