Learn about Attic space …!

Learn about Attic space …!

Now having a house and still complaining about not having enough space is dreading especially when you have ideal spaces like a basement and an attic. We have explored several such spaces which are not only huge spaces but some homeowners have made the most of it. While we all know the versatility of a basement, ever thought what could you do with your attic space apart from the old and boring store room? We detest the idea of converting any room of the home as a storing space because that’s a bad utilization of space and we also believe that what can be used must be used and what can’t be should not occupy unnecessary space.

An attic can be customized as per your convenience and for that you must make a note and analyse the capacity of your house. Create something in that little space which is completely different than the rest of your home. Want to know how? Read further.


We all have a busy and monotonic lifestyle and the image above is a clean example of eliminating all the stress once you back at home from a tiring day. Lounge seating and a pool table is a good way where your complete family comes together and you all have fun and spend some quality time.

A piece of advice – Just because the attic is an additional space, do not forget to build strong flooring for your attic. You could be hosting a party for that instance up there and I am sure you do not want the floor to crash down in a night. Give it a structural strength and raise walls that perpetually hold your attic space for a long period of time.

  • Picking the right color

Depending on what you plan to do with your attic you must wisely pick your colors. If it is getting converted into a bar then use muted pastel tones, for game zone-bright, pop colors and if you are planning to lounge in this space or convert it into a movie theater, then elegant accent colors that look simple would be nice.

  • The Lights

Pick any room of the house, improper lighting will kill it and the attic is no different. Your attic will have windows that will definitely bring in some natural light in the day. But when the sun sets, the lighting in your room must lift up the essence of the room. Bring in some artificial lighting fixtures, scones and recessed lights or lamps and pendant lights for that matter will illuminate your attic space like magic.


  • Seating arrangement

Somehow we have lately felt the popularity low seating has gained. While people want to bring in low beds in their bedrooms, for sitting in the living or otherwise large cushions and lower sofa sets are preferred. Your attic must have an ample seating so you can always bring in your guests to indulge and feel comfortable. A cushion bench, many pillows and a few bean bags will get you easily cozy up in your attic.

When you are looking forward to spending hours whether it is working, reading a book or chit-chatting with your friends, attic provides a wonderful space as it is cushy and comfy.

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