Entrance: First Impression to your home & you!

Entrance: First Impression to your home & you!

When it comes to the entrance of your house, you always want it to look the best. The first impression of the house is based on the way your entrance is done up. There are various ways you can do up the entrance and make it look as close to your personal style as well as classy in every manner. First of all, the area that covers the entrance should be marked so as to do it up in a different manner. If you are lucky enough to be living in a house with a garden, then major part of your entrance will be covered by the garden itself. In case you do not have a garden and you are a lover of nature, you can create a small area which acts like a garden and cover it with your favorite plants. There are indoor plants which can be hung near your entrance; you may as well pick bright colored pots to put up near your entrance with beautiful plants in them. Make sure you pick plants which do not grow much in height so that they are suitable for the entrance and do not clutter up the area.

Another way to make you home entrance look bright and lively is hanging yellow lights. They come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on the height of the ceiling, the yellow lights can be hung is pairs of three, five or more. You can also use white bulbs in place of yellow; they shall make the entrance look vibrant and lively. If you are not much of a bright entrance kinds, you could use small yellow lights on the footsteps leading to your entrance, they will glow just the right amount and ensure that the entrance looks as good as you want.

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More than anything else, ensure that your entrance is clean and welcoming. Choose an appropriate door mat which goes with the color of the walls as well as the color of the door. You could place a couple of chairs in the entrance if you have enough space to sit, in this case, the entrance can be converted to a porch. You could probably use a swing if you have a garden and an open area. The entrance should reflect your personality and make guests feel welcome. It has to be given major importance. The first impression shall be based on the entrance of your house.

PS: Do not clutter it with a line of shoes on both sides of the door!

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