Don’t convert your home into boring office place – Create a homey office!

Don’t convert your home into boring office place – Create a homey office!

When your work goes home with you every evening and your laptop is your constant companion even during the weekends, how you wish you could have a quiet corner in your small little home where you could sit and work peacefully, even though there is not enough space to have a separate home office? And because you don’t have one, you end up spending most of your time in office, trying to complete your pending work.

 Here some simple ideas to create your own perfect home office ambiance:

  •  Looking for the ideal corner:

 It’s not about a separate room or an enclosure but about a dedicated space for the home office. So where does one find such a space in a small apartment? Quite easy, come to think of it. A corner of the bedroom perhaps, or a part of the living room! Even that corner of the dining table which is not often used can serve as an office. We’ve even heard of people using the kitchen counter as an office space and being quite comfortable at it. All you need is a clean, smooth surface with enough space for your laptop and some paper & pens. Even a fancy storage cabinet with such a surface could work.

  •  Look around:

 When identifying the right surface, just be sure to look out for a small shelf or cabinet nearby to keep the rest of your stuff – stationery, paper clips, stapler, markers etc. A drawer could also be handy to fulfill this need. Now don’t forget a comfortable chair to help you relax completely so that can you concentrate on your work without any sense of discomfort.

 A small bookcase or some book shelves could be the perfect foil for a home office. If you don’t have space to put one on the floor, just line up a few on the wall above.

  •  Proper working environment:

 Create an environment that is suited to work without getting distracted by the home atmosphere. It’s easy to close the door if you have a separate room for a home office. But if all you have is a small corner, keep it distinctively isolated by having your office stuff neatly arranged and your chair properly tucked in when you are not working.Creating the right mood is as essential as creating the right ambiance. There’s sure to be a wall in front of, or at least near your office corner. Put up a board there to clip on your reminders, pointers etc. A motivational poster may be a good idea if you feel the need to be inspired from time to time. A small flower vase may also help. Always aim to have mental space for yourself along with the physical.

  •  Perfect Light:

 Lighting plays an extremely important role in helping to build a proper environment and mood for working. This is as true for a home office as for a regular office. A good, bright light in your work corner will go a long way in helping to create the right ambiance.

 So stop regretting that you don’t have enough space to have a home office. Look for a small little corner and end up with a home office that could be more inspirational than even a regular office.

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