Designing a place where the glamour begins – Mansi Beauty Academy and Salon!

Designing a place where the glamour begins – Mansi Beauty Academy and Salon!

Although her portfolio spanned across a diverse set of interior design project that included residential as well as commercial spaces, when Pragati Jain was approached to design the interiors for a beauty salon, she was thrilled.  A beauty parlour was the first of its kind opportunity! She took up the project with a little apprehension, but when she took a closer look at the available space, everything began to fall into place.

“Beauty salons or parlours are places where people love to walk out for looking and feeling great. The ambience and the design of the interiors do influence the customer experiences in many ways. The exteriors and the reception area must be inviting, welcoming and attractive too! We started designing interiors with this very idea in mind.” Said Pragati Jain.

The color palette, the lighting and the overall scheme used for design defines the final look and feel of the place. Especially for a beauty salon, the final results needed to be soothing yet bright and cheery. Pragati Jain selected light green which is known to have a calming, relaxing effect on our senses – against a bright white background which gave an overall ‘happy’ effect to the entire space.

The reception area :

  • The back-wall of the reception was also given a through thought while designing. The wall was adorned with racks with ambient down lights that created a charm of its own – complete with lower cabinets with drawers.
  • The wall gave a perfect backdrop to the reception. The reception table was designed to occupy an optimal amount of space – not to large and not too small.
  • The reception space was designed with white ambiance and customized furniture. This gave it an inviting look and a calm feel.
  • The panelling work was carefully designed. Symmetry was achieved by placing the racks on either side of a potted plant. The potted plant helped create a perfect axis for lateral symmetry.


The overall ambience:

  • The idea was to make the space look bright and glamorous. What better color palette than shiny white and light green to achieve this effect! The results were truly seen when the ambient white lights were placed so that they covered every dark corner and lighted every open space!

Parlour space :

  • The parlour space is where the actual work takes place. Along with the beauty the functionality of this space also needed to be considered for design. All the necessary equipment needed an assigned location and all the tools and accessories needed to be properly placed. Only then could the saloon function properly.
  • The necessary equipment was placed in racks. The chairs needed to be selected for comfort, function as well as aesthetics – that was quite some task to put together!
  • Well, a wall hung wooden rack served as a perfect towel store!


Service rooms :

  • It is imperative that the service rooms be designed with great care. The workflow of the aesthetician needs to be considered and the equipment and tools need to be arranged within a hands reach. The chair selection is crucial – they define customer experiences too. No one wants to sit on an uncomfortable chair while having a hair cut! Along with all this, the overall ambience of the room must be cheery and bright – after all, customers do want to look and feel happy after the job is done!
  • Bright white walls and strategically placed ambient lights did the trick for this room. Long mirrors were used for a number of reasons. First, they are an essential element of any beauty salon and second, they also effectively reflect ambient light, making the room brighter.


Finally, the white and green made the space come to life! It completely took a simple looking space and transformed it into a glamorous looking salon!

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