Design Family room By Your self ..!

Design Family room By Your self ..!

Generally, people dislike the whole idea of shifting from place to place. But doing it for years makes them realize how every construction of new place is different and how every time they end up decorating their home in a different way than not always they end up creating an atmosphere suitable for every family member. I totally love my family and spending time on weekends is something I always look forward to which I am sure most of us do. So this is my conscious effort to share the best ways to convert one of your rooms into the heart of your home and a family-friendly one.  It is a unique and that should accommodate the purpose or liking of everyone in your family.


  • Know what your family likes!

Even, In case of smaller family there are often several purposes, each of them end up having in need of customized spaces in the room. Well, while spending time with your family the first thing you want is the space to be comfortable and informal. Either your kids might want to spend time doing their homework and your husband have a chat about what happened through the day or all of you just watch a movie, the space you all sit in must be crafted according to everyone’s needs.

  • Your kitchen connection

Well, if you notice, all the high rise latest apartments that are being constructed are usually the ones which have the kitchen attached to the living room. Now why is it cool? Because who doesn’t love food when we are all together spending our family time? The weekend rolls in; we all are seated in our living room and playing our game of scrabble while munching into limitless amount of snacks.

  • Use of vibrant colors                                     

I always believe that the colors can make you feel ecstatic as well as dull. If you think your family loves a relaxing decor and touch, having muted pastel colors and throwing in a few dark tones help. However, for the fun loving cheerful family, bright pop colors are always in.

  • Keeping it all informal

A good family room should be versatile in every way. Whenever you can you should be able to move the couch, maintain flexibility and an open placement. The seating choices can range from lounge chairs, stools, ottoman couch, bean bags or simply cushions on floor. Show some creativity because mixing and matching isn’t that bad after all.

Just how your family is everything for you, why not just make your family moments in the house a little more special?

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