Converting some random space to useful space…!

Converting some random space to useful space…!

You will be amazed at the number of things you can do with a large closet space. When I say large I don’t means monstrously humongous. A medium sized closet will also serve the purpose of being converted into other useful areas.

Here are a few ideas which can help you change your boring closet into a functionally and physically amazing area where you’d love to stay but the first thing to do before converting your closet into a useful space is to de-clutter it.

  • Space of Home office :

Working from home but don’t have enough space so that you can work from home? Not an issue if you have a closet you can give up for some office space. Let’s take this step by step. First– wallpapers. Add some cheerful wallpaper to the wall. Some floral design or just a bright colour that can brighten anyone’s day is the best choice because no one likes working and you need all you can get to cheer you up. Now let’s talk about furniture – so you need a desk, chair and a cabinet of sorts. To conserve space you can use floating shelves which get attached to the shelf. A sliding desk and a rolling chair is a very innovative and useful idea.  The sliding desk has drawers then it’s perfect! You have more storage space and that is exactly what you require if your closet space is small. Incorporate some plug in spots for your electronics and light to your closet as well for working at night.

  • Library spaces :

Like nook offices closets that you want to turn into libraries do not necessarily have to be walk-in or large reach-in type. They can be on any size and will work just well for you. After you’ve recognized your closet type go for painting or pasting wallpaper. Go for something more subtle like a solid colour that could be your favourite. Then the most important task comes in hand – shelving. Depending on the amount and size of books you need to decide if you can go for floating shelves which can be attached to your closet or bookstands which will be set down. Either of the two is great for holding books and once you’re done with that your closet library is ready.

  • Closets into bedroom or nursery :

If you are short on space in your home then a walk-in closet can function as a room within a room, making it the perfect place for a nursery or a young child’s bedroom. If the closet is in your room then it’s even better as you can reach your child at night if he/she needs anything quickly. Also, designing their ‘rooms’ is an easy task and at their age they will love and be excited about a closet bedroom.

The first thing to do is paint the closet. The colours you choose should majorly depend on what your kid likes because it’s their close bedroom. As for nurseries, a bright or a subtle colour (not very dark) should be perfect as bright colours bring the positivity you are looking for your baby. Add a single bed or a loft bed if you have more than one kid to the closet. Make sure they are comfortable despite their comparatively small size. For loft beds, the type where the two beds are stacked one upon the other with space in between is perfect. If you are converting your closet to a nursery then adding a cosy and comfortable crib should be the first thing to do. Then we come to the accessories which are kind of limited in such conversions but if you have made enough space in your walk in closet or if you have a big closet then adding an accessory or two would not be an issue. Make sure you do not clutter the closet with too many things. Adding desks and shelves for your kids is a great idea and for nurseries adding roof accessories like hanging toys or attractive lights can keep your baby entertained. Also adding a small play area (if you have the space) will be a great idea for both kids and babies.

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